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Easy Ways to Earn Money While Traveling

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Traveling is a fulfilling, life-changing experience that everybody should do at least once in their lives. Ideally, you want to have no beginning or end – just an adventure where you can truly go wherever the wind takes you. 

Unfortunately, even if you have savings, the money doesn’t always last that long when traveling, so if you’re not ready to head home, you have to supplement it. To help you boost your bank balance as you explore the world, here are six easy ways to earn money while traveling: 

  1. Writing Online

Freelance writing is not easy, but if you have good English skills and a little creativity, you can become good at it fairly quickly and build yourself up a solid portfolio of clients. Best of all, you can do it whilst coworking in Melbourne, living out of a van in New Zealand, or exploring cities in Europe – there are no restrictions, as long as you have the internet. 

You can make anything from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars a piece, depending on how good you are and the clients you get. So, freelance writing is certainly worth considering. 

  1. Working in a Bar or Coffee Shop

Jobs serving customers are usually easy to get, and they can help you when you travel in many ways. You get to learn more of the local language, you meet lots of friendly local people and fellow travelers, and best of all, you make some money. 

  1. Setting Your Own Schedule as an Influencer

Influencers can make up to $100,000 dollars a year or more, even with as few as 10,000 followers. If you do your research and capitalize on travel content like photographs, experience, and videos, you can make enough money to not only supplement your trip but fund it completely. 

  1. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is incredibly popular because so many people want to learn online. Kids at schools (especially those who have fallen behind after Covid-19) always need extra tutoring, but many adults want help too. 

Adults might want tutoring in anything from photography to crocheting, and you can tutor one-on-one or hold webinars – the possibilities are endless. So, if you have any special skills, you can make money teaching that knowledge as you travel.

  1.  Teaching English in Person

You can teach English in most countries across the world if you have a degree and a TEFL certificate. Some schemes will accept even less than that, particularly if you’d be working on a supplementary basis, such as helping adults learn some English as part of an EAL initiative. 

Teaching English is a rewarding way to earn a living, and you probably have the built-in empathy required to excel in this role. After all, you know perfectly well how it feels to get to grips with a language that is not your mother tongue. 

  1. Picking Fruit and Vegetables

Around 35% of students in America would love to take a gap year before starting university. Lots of young people take advantage of schemes where they pick fruit or veggies in return for accommodation, food, and pay. 

Fruit picking is an excellent option if you want to travel, meet many like-minded people, and stretch your savings. Instead of spending your savings on accommodation and food, work for those things, then keep your savings for extras, like excursions. 

With the tips above and a little bravery and creativity, you can earn a decent crust as you travel, becoming richer financially and mentally with memories and experiences as you go. 


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