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Your dream vacation might be on the ship, and with such gorgeous places on your bucket list, it’s quite possible you finally embark on the dream cruise trip to your dream destination, with your family or love of your life or friends or even solo. But, have you made arrangements to get to your ship on time, or get to your hotel or the airport when you finally descend from the ship? If no, this article is just the one for you; and if yes, you might still want to check it out to ensure that you have made the right choice!

If you are simply assuming that you are going to take a cab from the cruise terminal to the airport, or from the pre-cruise hotel to the ship, you might be missing out on some huge cost savings. While taxis could be one of the best travel options to move around in certain port cities, they aren’t so in all of them. So you should never blindly decide on the taxi option without considering the other available options. Regardless of where you are cruising, there are generally a set of travel options when you need to travel to the city or to the port. Same applies to when you are looking for transportation from Dover cruise terminal to London. EC Minibus provides private as well as shared cruise transfer options for the same. They make sure to deliver comfort and convenience to you, along with a friendly, smiling, punctual chauffeur driving a luxurious ride.

Different travelling options to and fro your ship

As you make arrangements for your upcoming cruise vacation, make sure to look into the option of a cruise transfer service from Heathrow to Southampton. If you want to travel in utmost style and comfort, not worrying about the safety, the long journey, the hassle of carrying heaps of luggage, the extra stress of finding a cab/taxi (as the public modes of transportation take you only halfway) etc., then hiring a shared or a private chauffeured ride is the perfect solution. So, take a look into these travel options to know the best way to get to your ship:

  • Taxis: Well, every airport has got one, and every hotel can call for one. They are an affordable option and perfect only if you are a family of 3-4, and the port isn’t that far away. If the port is at least an hour (or more) away, taxi isn’t the most sensible option, economically. Also, they may not accommodate too much of luggage or too many family members! And let’s not forget the trouble of communicating with foreign language speaking drivers.
  • Hotel shuttles: If you are staying overnight in your embarkation city, you might consider a hotel which offers cruise transfers right from their property to the port. This is a no-hassle experience; but, the downside being it’s offered by only few hotels, and only in some of the major port cities. And more so, these shuttles are not that great in number, and have fixed timings — so you wouldn’t exactly have the comfort of leaving around your ship’s timing.
  • Public transportation: These include trains, buses, subways etc., and it’s really cheap. But that’s all. They offer no other benefit, as they hardly take you to the cruise terminals or pick you up from the hotel. Also, you will have to drag your luggage all over the place, down the escalator, across roads etc. as you choose between a short, expensive cab ride, or long walk from the drop off/pickup point to your destination.
  • Private cruise transfers: Whether you are going for a luxurious ride, all for yourself and your family, or you are opting for a shared ride, this is hands down the most convenient option. They offer special, door to door service picking you up at the hotel, and dropping you off at the cruise terminal. You wouldn’t have to worry about not reaching on time, or having a lot of luggage or getting tricked on foreign roads. You could even get yourself a luxurious sedan at a pretty decent price, and it will make your vacation even more exciting.

Along with these options, if you are a local, you could even consider taking your own car with no restrictions on luggage. But let’s not even get started on the parking fees and what might befall your car in the parking lot over a long week. And who wants to worry while you are on your dream cruise vacation, right? So, it’s time to leave those worries home, and book your own cruise transfer service today.

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