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This long string of alpine peaks has a range of scenery and a variety of outdoor adventures. It’s an awe-inspiringly tall mountain range with beautiful green valleys, sparkling blue lakes, and lengthy rivers that roar. The mountains also play host to an array of wildlife, including brown bears, as well as different kinds and species of birds of prey.

The diverse landscapes of the Pyrenees make the ideal setting for numerous excellent sporting activities. From winter skiing months to hiking during the summer, there are plenty of activities to enjoy all year round.

With the abundance of choices, the most challenging part is often deciding on a suitable adventure. Here are some excellent ideas to start.

Climbing Mount Aneto (c) Miriam Marco Sanchez

CLIMB MOUNT ANETO, TOP OF THE Pyrenees, with a height of 3404 meters; the mountain is awe-inspiring; Mount Aneto is the highest peak in the Pyrenees. The climb to the top is generally non-technical. It could be more straightforward, however. To reach the summit, you must hike through a glacial traverse and do some climbing. This isn’t for the faint of heart.

The most well-known way to get there is called the “Via Normal .”This trail starts at Benasque village in Huesca, the Spanish Province of Huesca. The ideal time to do this hike is during the summer months. However, you can hike it throughout the year. Aneto is a favorite for skiers in the winter months.


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While some people do the climb in a single day, it is recommended to take two days. A typical mountain hut, La Renclusa, is on the way, where hikers can stay the night.

This climb is physically demanding. However, being high up in the clouds, gazing out across the lakes and mountains of the Pyrenees, makes all the effort worthwhile.

Hut to Hut Skiing in Val d’Aran (c) Roger Martorell


Val d’Aran in the Catalonian Pyrenees is the home of some of the most beautiful ski slopes in Spain and the Pyrenees. It’s easy to understand why, with its high alpine ski slopes and perfect snow.

The Baqueira Beret, Ski Resort lift connects skiers with this region’s 150km worth of trails. The resort is relatively accessible, just two hours away from Toulouse Airport.

Heliskiing has also become a popular choice in this part of the Pyrenees, offering skiers access reach areas with unspoiled powder. One alternative is to be picked up with a helicopter in Val d’Aran and travels to the mountains before heading towards La Renclusa mountain hut. From there, you can explore the various slopes over several days.

If time is a problem, shorter heliskiing excursions can be scheduled with multiple drop-offs and pick-ups in different places over an entire day.

Canyoning in Huesca (c) Julen-Setien


The numerous Pyrenees gorges and rivers make the perfect canyoning setting. In Huesca, the area offers many different spots to pick from.

A massive range of canyoning experiences in this guide is appropriate for kids who are 12 years old or up. Some experiences are easy to do. Even allow youngsters as young as. This means that the entire family can enjoy hours of playing in rock pools, swimming in rivers, and descending the cliffs.

The Miraval Canyon along the Yaga River is a trendy destination due to its many leaps. Barbaruens, Ainsa, Valle de Tena, Jaca, and Navarrese are other great spots to explore.

Hiking in the Pyrenees (c) Miguel Ibanez


As the snow melts, the numerous trails for hiking that traverse the mountains are exposed. They are varied and varied. From a stroll through the hills to a long endurance-building multi-day trek, there’s something to suit anyone in this area.

The stunning Aiguestortes National Park in Lleida, Catalonia, provides several excellent hiking trails. You can take spectacular views of lush green valleys and crystal-clear glacial lakes.

Then, to experience a truly authentic experience of the Alps, A hike from hut to hut is a fantastic idea. You can rest in a cabin on these hikes before waking up to the stunning mountains.

To walk the trails in two different areas, on the French and the Spanish side, and to experience a hut-to-hut hike that passes through the Ordesa National Park in Spain and the Pyrenees National Park in France is a great option.


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