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Understanding Hiking Boots Before You Grab Up Them For The Adventurous Trip - Intergalactique

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Wandering through the lush green forests, high-top mountains and dark bushes make you exhilarating, and you are in a rush to match your feet with the pace of thrilling heartbeats. But all of this comes down when the most crucial hiking gear goes off- Your Hiking Boots. The excitement and the zeal to reach the unknown destination all shattered in minutes all because of low-quality hiking boots.

Selecting the right hiking boots is not that easy as it seems. There are several factors involved from right shoe size, fabric, structure & shape, to terrain surface, weather conditions, duration of hiking. Like the state defence departments focuses on quality gears, uniforms, helmets, for military and police personnel, you have to adopt the same kind of methodology to choose the best hiking boots. 

Know The Structure

The most crucial and usually neglected factor is the shoe structure. Most of the hikers focus only on the sole and the outer material of the boot, but these are only some of the essential elements. So knowing the shoe structure is one among the essential pro tips for your first camping.

A hiking boot should have

Long Tongue: A high-raised boot tongue with premium fabric prevents the debris, dust entering your shoe, and the fabric avoids irritation on your foot.

Comfortable Collar: Padded collar gives comfort and firm ankle support reducing the chance of injury due to friction.

Strong Rand: The guard at the very front of the boot should be strong and sturdy as it is one of the most impacted areas. If it peels, it causes difficulty in walking, compelling you to utilise more energy.

Flexible Soles and Linings: The shoe’s inner sole must be soft and fit perfectly on your feet. You can also carry an extra pair of aftermarket soles if you are going for long-trails.

Sturdy Outer Sole: The outsole should be strong with flexibility and ability to handle intense pressure. Moreover, it should be made with anti-slip material providing a firm grip while walking. 

Best Fit Eyelets: If the shoe eyelet broke, you would not be able to tie up your laces. So, it is better to test the shoe day before hiking. 

So, for now, we know the essential components of hiking shoes. It’s time to look upon external factors

External Factors To Consider While Buying Hiking Boots

You may have acknowledged yourself about the travel tips, but hiking is a journey where you face the unknown. While understanding the shoe type and its fit is essential, knowing the external factors also help you to select the right shoe for a comfortable journey.

Try on Different Brands: It’s good to wear boots from your favourite brand, but experimenting with other footwear brands like LA Police Gear, Danner Boots, Salomon may compel to switch to a new one. These brands only manufacture tough shoes that are best for hiking, trekking, tactical exercises. Many online stores and distributors provide these high-quality boots at cheap prices.

Weather Conditions: For survival in extreme weather conditions, the choice of boots matter the most. Go for waterproof shoes if the area hiking area receives frequent rains. If you hike in normal weather, then look out for breathability. If you are confused, then select hiking boots with excellent impermeability.

The Weight: While looking at all the factors, the crucial factor that stand-out among the best hiking shoes is weight. Prefer only light-weight shoes with maximum flexibility. As your legs carry the burden of shoes, you don’t want to waste your energy walking with heavy-weight shoes. 

Before you tie the laces knots, consider the essential elements of shoes and then move to the type of hiking you plan, the duration. To add fun, choose the classy brown or rich black colour leather boots for your adventurous cool Instagram story. Hope this guide will help you get the perfect shoes for your next adventure.


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