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Vacation In Switzerland Around Lake Leman - Intergalactique

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It’s been a while since I’ve taken a vacation which is why my wife and me, set out to go to another country for the duration of a week. After some thought we decided to go to Switzerland by hiring the car and explore the lake Leman (also referred to as Lake Geneva).

Thanks to the advancements in technology, you don’t need to leave your home to get your flight tickets or rent an automobile.

You can purchase flights, copy out the tickets, or even rent cars and print the ticket with your printer at home, and that’s exactly what we did.

We took a flight from Geneva, Switzerland, and arrived at around noon. The car we hired was picked up at the airport and then left Geneva and along the lake. It was getting late we found a modest and lovely hotel near the banks of the lake in Nyon.

There’s always something soothing and relaxing whenever you’re close to a sea or lake. This is among the reasons we decided to explore the lake by car.

The weather was perfect during our stay and there was no weather issues, nor did we experience any wind or rain.

We didn’t book a hotel room prior to our departure. There are a lot of hotels in Switzerland that we simply drove and then later in the afternoon, we looked for hotels. Hotels in Switzerland can be quite costly however, they’re clean and welcoming and of top quality and typically include breakfast.

A Visit to Vevey

There were a lot of highlights throughout this vacation, however I’d like to focus on the two most notable ones. The first is a town known as Vevey. The town was visited at noon then stayed for the night, and went home at noon the following day. It was our second trip to this lovely town.

Vevey is a beautiful promenade along the shores of the lake. There you can spend long periods of time taking in the view of the lake as well as the mountains, boats, swans, and the people who walk along.

Vevey is an ideal spot to spend a few days and relax, take inspiration by the beautiful scenery and feel energized by positive energy.

The next morning, as we were strolling along the promenade we spotted that they were hosting a show of classic and vintage automobiles. There were many automobiles that were in excellent condition. We took lots of pictures of cars, that you only see in old movies or films about twentieth century. There is a website dedicated to the cars, and after a quick search I saw that they are having another event next year.

A Visit to Zermatt and the Mattterhorn

The other highlight I’d like to discuss is Mattehorn one of the most awe-inspiring mountains in Switzerland. I was told that most of the time, the mountain is surrounded by clouds, and can’t be observed. But, while we visited skies were clear as we were able to see the summit in all its glory.

To get to the Matterhorn it was necessary to travel for a long distance away from Lake.

We made it to Tasch the town of Tasch, which is just a few kilometers from Zermatt and we parked our car in a large parking space close to the station for trains.

We then traveled on a train for approximately fifteen minutes until Zermatt which is a town located on the lower reaches of the Matterhorn located at around 1600m higher than sea-level.

We arrived and were informed we were too late to climb and we had to go back the following day. We drove back to Randa and were staying in a comfortable and cozy hotel called that is the Matterhorn Golf Hotel, run by a warm, pleasant Italian couple.

The next morning, following an interesting discussion about the Internet and web sites with Maurizio the owner of our hotel. We drove back toward the railway station in Tasch and boarded the train towards Zermatt.

After exploring Zermatt’s streets Zermatt that is full of stores, hotels and eateries, we rode the cable car up to the highest Station on the mountain. We were required to change three cable carts along the route, taking in stunning views over the village below as well as the surrounding mountains.


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