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Unbeatable weekend getaway (literally!) ideas - Intergalactique

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We all love weekends! It’s the time to rejoice and relax after a hectic and busy week. That is why we all plan something exquisite and exhilarating for each weekend. Because you just can’t waste your weekend lounging and sleeping when you can have unlimited fun doing stuff that may have been in your bucket list, but you have been delaying them!

There are numerous ways to spend your weekend. Some like watching a horror movie at home with popcorn, while some like to rock and roll at a disco, while others find rock climbing fun. Some try to spend it on social gatherings and some just go away from the city! For the ones that enjoy a getaway on the wheels (or wings) on their weekends, life can be extraordinarily fun and adventurous for them.

How to make the most of the weekend on wheels (or wings)?

If you are crazy about journeys, if travelling makes you feel more ‘high’ than reaching the destination, here are some astounding ideas for your weekend retreat:

1. A luxury limo ride — Luxury is always delightful. And for a weekend getaway, it can be awesome! You can book a limousine for hire in Brisbane from A.O. Limousine and have fun in their fully equipped, luxurious limo. You can enjoy the ride with your friends amidst a game of cards relaxing on the plush seats. As you won’t be driving, you can enjoy a couple of drinks too. Also, if you want to dance unstoppably, you may do so. In other words, a limousine gateway would be everything you would want for a fun weekend, friends, drinks, dance and pampering!

2. Motorcycle ride — A motorcycle is an open-air experience of zest and zeal. You can enjoy It alone or with a companion. You just have to carry your haversack with all the essential picnic food and other essentials, and start your journey. You can ride away from the city to your favourite destination, or just keep on riding nonstop just to feel the wind beneath your wings! In both cases, you would be exploring and enjoying a stress-free weekend riding on your favourite motorcycle.

3. À chopper ride — A gateway, that too on air, would be incomparable! You can fly high (along with an expert or a pilot) and watch the city through a bird’s eye view. It can be adventurous and thrilling to enjoy the view from such a height. You may actually feel like a movie star travelling on a chopper. It would definitely be the most breath-taking weekend getaway.

4. Water rides— Who says weekend gateway is limited to only air and road? Even water can be the best retreat for weekend tours and explorations! Just put on your water safety gears and you are set for a jolly ride! You can go for motor-boat ride if you like a speeding against the waves. Or just go for sailing on a slow-motion journey; or even a ship ride can be great with an equally interested group. If you can, you may try surfing and get the adrenaline rush through these fun activities on the sea.

5. Cycling — If you are a fitness freak and love roaming around on your weekends, cycling can be another foremost option for you.  You can cycle around the city discovering the lesser known by-lanes. Cycling is also an eco-friendly ride, making it increasingly popular among folks who care about mother earth. A picnic bag with lots to eat (as you’ll be famished after so much of exercise) and your required dose of hydration (water of course!) would be all you need. You can get some fellow cycling lovers with you who would love to enjoy a fun and healthy weekend outdoors in like-minded company.

6. Long drive — A car can be another way to enjoy a ride for a sensational weekend. You can drive away alone or with your date or friend. It would be a safer ride, as you’ll be protected from rain, snow and heat during this gateway. Even your privacy stays intact in a car. You can opt for a cool destination and enjoy the drive with your choice of music and company. You can even take breaks in between and rest in your own car’s backseat while you enjoy the sights and sounds around you.

Travelling on a weekend can make the days interesting and exciting! You can reach new destinations, enjoy the period of your travel (as most of the wonderful things happen during this phase) and cherish the new place and its beauties. A weekend away from home can be refreshing and phenomenal if your means to travel are mind blowing too!


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