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Traveling with vapes? make sure that you understand the various rules and regulations - Intergalactique

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With vaping becoming more popular as it is widely perceived to be the safer alternative to tobacco smoking, various governments have enacted laws that seek to control, regulate and usage of e-cigarettes. To that end, several nations have introduced various vaping rules and regulations. It would be advisable for you to go through them especially if you happen to be into ‘vaping’ and travel a lot as well.

  • Legal age: Ever since the first E-cigs were sold, it had generated a lot of debate to the point that these products are today classified as a drug delivery device. In a sense, they are right to the point that the e-cig is used to deliver nicotine to your system. But as far as the legal age goes, it had been widely argued that the age of consent should be 21 and above, but finally, the FDA bought out a deeming rule which made it a crime to sell E-cigs to those under 18. So essentially 18 years is the legal age for purchasing e-cigarettes. You can search online for Jull pods in UK as well as the other brands in the market to know more about e-cigs.
  • Restricted use: In countries like India, e-cigarettes are not yet banned by the central government. But the government has asked the various states to enact laws banning the sale and distribution of the same in their respective states and more than a few already have done so. What this means is that you cannot sell or distribute e-cigarettes to others but you can smoke them, assuming you obtained the same from elsewhere. It should also be pointed out that as far as India is concerned, there may be further restrictions placed on it in the near future but for the moment, consumers can enjoy the restricted use and still get to vape.
  • Legal to use but illegal to sell: More than a handful of nations have made it a crime to sell and distribute e-cigs, but they have not yet banned e-cigs completely. For example in Nations like Chile, Columbia, Suriname, it is illegal to sell and distribute e-cigs but you should still be able to use your e-cigs without any issue. Of course, you would not be able to purchase replacement cartridges in these places so if you happen to be traveling there for a week or so, you need to pack it in and take your extra cartridges along. You can Google Dyna Vap in UK and other brands for more suggestions.
  • Banned: More than a few nations have actually banned E-cigs completely starting with Nicaragua. While each nation may have banned the product completely for one reason or the other, it should be pointed out that these rules are subject to change. If you vape a lot and are planning to travel to a host of countries, then you would need to first check out the various vaping laws as they apply to the concerned nation. And please keep in mind that if the product is totally banned in the destination country, then you would not be able to use your e-cigarette at all. So make sure that you take some time out to review the various rules and regulations as they apply to the specific country that you are planning to visit.

When you are traveling abroad, it is vital that you remember to respect the local laws and behave according to the same. So if a particular nation has banned e-cigs in totality, which means that you cannot use the same over there. Other nations have just banned the sale and distribution of the same, so you should still be able to use your e-cigarette without much difficulty. And of course, if you are below 18, then it would indeed be Illegal to vape, especially in the US.


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