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Travel Trends and Tips for US Travellers - Intergalactique

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September 11, 2001 changed the face of travel as it changed the face of all our lives. For two and a half years, our government and travel and tourism industries have sought ways to enhance travel security and bring travelers back. Current statistics and forecasts indicate that travelers are coming out of their cocoons. Travel remains the largest industry in the U.S. bringing in over $545 billion and generating 7.2 million jobs.

Another positive indicator is a marked increase in travel advertising. (Up 23%-55%). Six out of ten Americans say they plan to travel in 2004. The largest travel segments in terms of time and travel income are Baby Boomers. Travel is once again a “hot topic.” It is on a positive upward trend…with one key difference.

Today’s travelers are not as complacent about travel as in the past. They are proactive in their quests for travel information. Rather than “winging it,” they seek practical travel advice and ideas. Are you currently offering your readers the practical travel information they are seeking?

Lynne and Hank Christen are confessed travel addicts. Lynne was a flight attendant for a major airline for over 20 years. Hank is a nationally recognized expert in disaster response and counter terrorism threat assessment. The Christens have traveled to 45 countries and throughout the United States, including 16 cruises in recent years. Their walls are covered with travel photographs. Their book shelves are lined with row upon row of travel guidebooks. Their computer files runneth over with travel research. Their days and nights are spent researching and writing about all types and all aspects of travel.

Wanderlust led the Christens to write Travel Wisdom – Tips, Tools, and Tactics for All Travelers, released in early 2004. As a freelance travel writer, Lynne Christen writes a weekly Travel Wisdom column for the NW Florida Daily News and is a regular contributor to various travel web sites and publications. Hank is a frequent contributing editor for Firehouse Magazine and Prentice Hall Publishing. Travel writing is a labor of love that enables the Christens to share travel expertise, experiences, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

Just in time for summer travel planning, Lynne offers a packet of ten of her most popular Travel Wisdom columns for publication for $100.00 per package. That’s right…$10.00 per column. This selection of how-to and where-to travel wisdom for a nominal price allows publications to “test travel waters” for readership. On a first-come, first-served basis, Christen offers first rights in your primary circulation area. This is an economical way to offer readers/subscribers the practical advice they are seeking by publishing a Travel Wisdom column.


Wanderlust, Adventurous, Nomadic, Solo traveller is what defines us, exploring the world through our eyes we bring you what nature and its resources offers. From country rules to travel utilities restrictions, know what a traveller need to know before starting journey.

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