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The Golden Pillars - Golden rules of traveling before starting any journey - Intergalactique

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Traveling is the perfect way to get out of your comfort zone and experience life in a variety of ways. Anyone who has traveled outside his/her comfort zone can relate to the excitement which they obtain from experiencing a new environment. Traveling is something which is really unique, and there are only limited things which you can inculcate from a school environment. Travel can never be taught to someone; it has to be experienced on their own. Through traveling, you can boost your confidence levels in a great way and develop your cultural sensitivity. Traveling is as important as kale, meditation, and a good night’s sleep. It provides lots of benefits to the mind, body, and the soul. There is a wide range of benefits in traveling. They are:

Peace of mind
Broadening your thought process
Memories for a lifetime
Boosting the confidence
Enhancing creativity

Everyone has their own set of “best practices” which contain all the proven rules and standards to guide you in traveling. We have our own set of golden rules to help you during your travel to become a master traveler, able to travel the world with extra zeal and ninja-like knowledge.

Be adventurous: “You only live once” is a very famous caption amongst all the travelers. It is true because you will have the chance to do the wildest things and experience the best surroundings when you travel. Never hold back. The best advice we can give you would be to count to three and take the leap. Always say yes to try out new things. Be it rock climbing, spelunking, deep sea diving or dancing; you will definitely have a beautiful memory to remember and rejoice. Years from now, you will want to look back at your younger self and see all the memories which changed your life. Nostalgia can always be a wonderful thing.

Travel alone: Try doing this at least once every few years. By traveling alone, you will be self-sufficient, become independent, and get to know more about yourself. You can even try hiring travel insurance specialists to have a safe trip even while having the best time of your life. By choosing a travel insurance policy, you will be covered from all possible accidents which you might face at very reasonable pricing. No one will want to get involved in a medical emergency when they are enjoying a holiday away from their home, but travel does not always go according to plan. Choosing travel insurance will give you all the financial assistance in case you get injured or fall sick while traveling. This is a huge advantage because medical treatment in the countries abroad can be incredibly expensive.

Be flexible with your plans: Traveling is basically a series of happy accidents which create a list of memories for a lifetime. Never stop going to a particular city just because it is not included in your itinerary. Explore new places and go with the flow. Always do research about the destination but never over-plan it. By having flexibility, you can visit more places and know more about the cultures and have more memories to live by.

Pack light: There are many reasons to pack light when you are going on a trip. You can save the baggage from potential thefts, have a flexible trip, and enjoy the trip without having back pain.

Carry basic first-aid kit: Cuts and scrapes are very common when you wander around anywhere in the world. However, it is always better to travel with bandages, anti-bacterial cream, and other first-aid essentials while traveling. You will never know what might happen to you on the road. Make sure that you are protected with travel insurance so that you will be covered in the case of any problem or accident.


Wanderlust, Adventurous, Nomadic, Solo traveller is what defines us, exploring the world through our eyes we bring you what nature and its resources offers. From country rules to travel utilities restrictions, know what a traveller need to know before starting journey.

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