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Planning a long summer drive? Make sure you perform these tyre safety checks - Intergalactique

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So you are planning a long road trip, during the summer holidays with your loved ones – that’s a great idea. This is the time when most families often pack up with their cars and go out on weeklong getaways. But before you head out on any road trip, short or long – you may want to give your car a thorough review and ensure that it continues to function seamlessly. Moreover, you may want to go over the safety checklist as far as your car tires are concerned. If you do not want your car to breakdown in the middle of nowhere, then you would definitely want to review the checklist right away.

  • Check tire pressure: This is the first thing that you need to do; moreover it is advisable that you check your car tire pressure each time you head out. An under inflated tire can cause more heat to build up in the tires, and this can lead to blowouts, as well as severe accidents. So always make it a point to check out your tires and if they happen to be underinflated, then you may want to get them inflated again. Just check online for the nearest online tire shop and you should be able to get your tire pressure checked out for free
  • Check your tire treads: The fact remains that all tires wear down, after a while, irrespective of the brand or the company that made them in the first place. Make sure that you check out your tire treads before you head out on your trip. Use a quarter, and put it in between the treads and if Washington still shows all of his head, then your tires are worn down and you need new ones in its place. Just Google Michelin tires in Auckland , and that should show you several nearby locations that you can purchase your new tires at
  • Check the sidewalls: It is important that you carefully give your tires a good going over. And that also includes paying attention to the sidewalls. If the sidewalls of your tires bulge out or happen to be cut in place due to previous heavy usage, then you need new tires in right away. The fact is that you are about to head out on a long road trip and you do not want to depend on compromised tires, the whole trip. So check online for nearest vendors and purchase the required car tires right away.
  • Age: If your car tires are more than 5 or 6 years old, then you would definitely want to replace them right away. For one thing, you can be sure that the car treads are all worn out and it does not come with a good grip on the asphalt either. You can also check your current car for date of manufacture, and if it happens to be more than five years ago, then you would definitely want to change the tires right away.
  • Used tires: It goes without saying that it is never a good idea to go for used tires, unless you do not have much of a choice. Always try to go in for brand new tires, since they come with deep treads and are able to grab on to the asphalt much better than otherwise. If you can only afford used car tires, then you may want to check the condition of these tires and car tire treads a lot more carefully than otherwise. Moreover, new car tires may come with a warranty, old ones do not.

These are some of the items that you would need to check your car tires for, before you head out on any long road trip. There is nothing worse than being caught out in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire. That is why it is preferable to head out on long trips, with brand new tires.


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