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Make your special day extra special with a luxury car rental - Intergalactique

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Your wedding is one of the most precious days in your life, and you deserve to pamper yourself and your spouse on this special day. Why not start with a grand entry in a chauffeured luxury and classy car?

There are umpteen options from where you can hire a luxury car and rest assured that they will take care of all the aspects related to transport on the amazing day of yours.

Let us see how you can make your special day extra special with luxury car rental in London.

Reasons for hiring a luxury car

  • Make a grand entry

Your wedding day is not an typical day in your life. So, if you are wondering why to waste money on a chauffeur driven car, rethink – would you not like to make the entry that snatches everyone’s attention? Would you not wish to make a powerful statement and surprise your better half?

It’s undoubtedly one of the most spectacular days in your life, so why not invest in a luxury car just for a day and make it a grandeur to be remembered by all forever?

  • Unlimited choice

If you own a luxury car, the thought of hiring a car on the wedding day might not come to your mind. Let’s share an open secret with you – if you opt for wedding chauffeur car hire in London, you will have the option of vintage, to classic to contemporary limousines. There’s a car for every type of couple; you merely need to make your choice. So, why restrict your options and not opt from the full range of cars?

The car owner will make every single arrangement, and they will make sure that you both are spoilt till the last minute.

  • Safety is well taken care of

When it comes to luxury and security on your wedding day’s bucket list, nothing can beat a chauffeur driven wedding car. It’s a big day, and it’s bound to make you and your close ones feel exhausted, why to mount it up?

Relax, cool your nerves, and set your mood while traveling in a chauffeured car, which makes sure to take care of every need of yours.

  • Reach your venue on time

If you have to ride your car, then the tension of your wedding arrangement will not end until the moment you reach your venue. After all, timing is crucial when it comes to marriage, and who would like to be late on this extraordinary day?

Shove off the responsibility on the shoulder of professional car owners, and pay attention to other activities that require your undivided attention! These people come with extensive experience, and they will not only take you to your venue on time, but they will also decorate your car as per your discretion.

  • A theme car for a theme wedding

You must have thought a theme for your wedding day; it surely wasn’t an easy task – planning it, informing all your guests, deciding on attires, arranging decorations etcetera.

Don’t you want your car to be in sync with the theme?

If you hire a luxury car, you will be able to get a theme car without any hassle.

How to hire a luxury car?

While you want to make your wedding a grand affair, to make it hassle-free, decide on the following aspects beforehand:

  • Decide if you wish to hire a luxury car only for yourself or for all your guests.
  • Check on the prices of each type of car. The cost differs with a car, and decoration, so confirm everything before booking.
  • Hire only from renowned luxury car owners.
  • Discuss every minute detail pertaining to venue and time while booking your car.

Hiring wedding cars is one of the luxurious ways to make your day extra special, and with little planning, you can make an unforgettable memory to be cherished for your lifetime.

So, instead of taking the stress of traveling in your own car, invest some bucks in a well-planned manner and enjoy the difference.


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