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Top 6 Reasons Why A Harbour Cruise Is Most Preferred For Exploring A City Better! - Intergalactique

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Are you ready to spend a day on the sea gazing at the town that has unfolded its beauty around your ship? Do you love exploring a destination through the smooth travel of a waterway? Are you confused whether to go for a ferry tour or a special cruise to enjoy your day visiting prominent places of a city? Well, let’s have it sorted!

Though lots of people do prefer ferry services to explore a city and its special destinations, but still a harbour cruise has its own distinct charm for the same. There are a lot of amazing benefits it offers which you otherwise won’t get in any other water ride or trip. A harbour cruise basically uplifts your water touring experience largely, and that is why is quite a favourite amongst the travellers for sightseeing.

Distinct Benefits of Opting for a Harbour Cruise!

A Sydney harbour cruise by Galaxy Charters has some great benefits. Their cruises are extremely well maintained, provide multiple amenities for your comfort and fun, and are the best choice to enjoy the sightseeing experience better. For some important reasons why harbour cruises are worth considering, read on:

1. More Deck Space — A harbour cruise offers a large space on deck for the viewers. You can easily roam around the place taking in the beautiful ambience around. Even if you are a big group and have preferred to take the cruise together, there’s ample space for all of you on the deck. You can easily grab your binoculars and gaze at the area around you without the fear of bumping into someone in this process.

2. Commentary and Guidance — Most of the harbour cruises have a guide on board at your service. This person’s job is to let you know about all the prominent places you shall come across and also the history behind it. This adds value to your exploration, as you aren’t just watching the city around you, but also getting all the information you want to know about the same through the commentary.

3. Calm Travel— A harbour cruise is a calm journey! This cruise travels on a slower and smoother pace.  This allows you to take in more of the magnificent scenery around you. You can also click all those stunning pictures of the views you are watching because of the low speed. (The pictures won’t be blurry and would be clear because of the low speed) This also gives you more time on board, means — ultimately you are gaining more!

4. It has Extra Amenities and Services — A harbour cruise has lots to offer to its commuters. You can not only do the sight seeing, but also relax in the suites available in it. There are drinks to enjoy, food to go with it , and also some relaxing music being played to enhance the fun of your journey. This means you are actually having a great time along with the city exploration on a harbour cruise.

5. The Harbour Cruise Lasts Longer — If you tend to choose for other water borne options than the harbour cruise for your sight seeing, those rides are basically short and last around thirty minutes to an hour. On the contrary, a harbour cruise lasts for more than three hours. This means you get more time to enjoy your day at the sea. You can spend a lot of time enjoying those scenic views and click hundreds of pictures to post on your Social Media handles.

6. Special Attention — A harbour cruise doesn’t board more than an average number of people. And if it’s a privately booked cruise, you may just be the two of you or a small group enjoying the entire cruise. Which means, you’ll be taken extra care of, would be tended perfectly and get more attention while you’ll be on board. This also means if you want to revisit any previous spot, or spend some more time at a particular spot, you have the option to do so.A harbour cruise can be called a truly luxurious way to travel and explore a place. And this need not necessarily charge you a fat sum. These are actually quite reasonable and offer better services and comfort. Thus, making your day well spent on it!


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