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Finer sailing - The various advantages of buying a pre-owned boat - Intergalactique

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If you are planning to buy a boat for the first time, you might be caught between the dilemmas of whether to purchase a new one or to go for a used boat. If cost is not a constraint, you can buy a new one, but before that let’s weigh-in the benefits of owning a pre-owned boat, post which you can decide if you to invest your money on a new boat or not.

Advantages of buying a pre-owned boat


As already mentioned, there’s a cost benefit of purchasing a pre-owned boat as against a new one, and that is a very crucial advantage.

While talking to your seller, do not hesitate to think outside the box. You can take the risk of proposing a price which probably seems to be arbitrary to yourself as you do not know their side of the story. Always remember, your scope of bargaining is much higher while purchasing a pre-owned boat and you never know for what the seller might agree. So, take your chance.

The purchase process is a fun one

Shopping for a pre-owned boat is not only fun but also educational. If you open up your eyes you will find them on many online sites, or you can drive to a boating community on a beautiful autumn day, and you will be elated to see the number of boats sitting in driveways and front yards. Visit a shipyard; ask the yard manager which boats are ready for sale, and if any ship has not paid the fees for a long tenure.

Enjoy the process and do not hesitate to ask. Speaking to these people will also help you to gain a deeper insight into boats, their maintenance, and various other factors.

With the multiple available options, you will have a broader range of alternatives to choose from if you buy a pre-owned boat.

Scope of improvement

Grow your skills with your pre-owned boat, and have fun not only sailing but also seeing your craftsmanship.
There are numerous online videos available. Enjoy your Sundays in the garden with your family learning and enhancing a new skill. While you stretch yourself to learn something teach your kids a new skill; the fun that you will reap out of is going to immeasurable.

In the process of renovation, you and your kids might end up breaking something, but relax! In spite of accidents and re-purchasing of parts, your pocket will be much at ease than it would have been after buying a new boat.
Take pictures, and not just renovate your boat but also create some sweet memories for life with your family. Create memories that will make your boat ride much more fun.

Lower maintenance cost

With less mortgage payment, and a flat depreciation line you are inevitably going to enjoy lower maintenance cost with a pre-owned boat.

Moreover, if you are not planning to keep the boat with you for than four years, it is better to purchase pre-owned boats.

Old is gold

The older boats come with classics lines. You might feel that today’s boat engines are more reliable and thus purchasing is a new ship is advantageous. But, do you know you can repower an old engine and breathe fresh life into it? All you require to do is to find a stable, dry hull which has a clean gas tank. While it is easy to fix the electronics and wiring; pulling off the deck and replacing a corroded fuel tank is not.

The fun factor holds untouched

It simple – your fun on the river will not get diminished by an inch also if you ride a pre-owned boat. The experience of the sunset spent on the water is the same, regardless of how much you spent on getting there.

On the contrary, you will cherish it more if it is backed up with some sweet memories created with your family in the process of renovating the boat.

Happy purchasing a pre-owned boat and enjoy excellent sailing!


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