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Tips and Advice when Visiting Venice, Italy - Intergalactique

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I’ve been to Venice several occasions in recent years. It’s an amazing and beautiful destination to explore with its Canals, Gondolas and beautiful buildings.

In this piece about Venice I’d like to share some tips, suggestions and activities to try.

It is a city that has an enormous number of visitors. Everyday, a handful of cruise ships dock with thousands of people. Visitors also arrive via aircraft, through Marco Polo airport, and as well by trains, cars and buses.

We went on a tour lasting around two hours, with a tour guide in San Marco square, and she explained that there are around five thousand Venetians who live in Venice and that for every Venetian there are 73 visitors. Go ahead and do the calculation.

This implies that the main streets and squares are jammed. There are a lot of people all over the world and from nearly every country.

Venice isn’t the location to unwind and take a break. To see Venice it is necessary to be constantly moving.

It is necessary to walk for a long time and then travel on boats using a water taxi which can be expensive or by the Vaporetto Venice’s public transportation water bus.

It is worth noting that the Vaporetto offers multiple lines and numerous stations that are located along the Grand Canal. In the majority of cases the Vaporettos are packed, as there are lots of visitors. There are seats available in the Vaporetto however the majority of visitors sit to see more of the sights.

What a Traveler to Venice, Italy Should Know

Here are a few suggestions for advice, suggestions and tips that can help you plan your time within Venice, Italy.

The city has plenty to provide, and here are only a few of the things I’ve experienced and that you may consider useful.

Tips and advice for those visiting Venice, Italy

1. Put on a nice pair of shoes

It is essential to put on an appropriate pair of shoes as you’ll need to walk for a long time when you want to take in and take in the sights of the city. There are many narrow streets as well as wide squares, bridges and wide streets.

It’s a blast to wander around in narrow streets and find amazing places along the route. If you get lost, you’ll be able to locate your way with maps and Google maps.

2. The best place to sit for a rest

In most locations, there aren’t benches or places to sit, which means that you’ll need to walk or stand for a long time, unless you go to a coffee shop or an eatery.

You may find a few benches in certain locations, but they’re very scarce. You can take a seat on the stairs which lead to a museum or church.

3. Toilets

It’s difficult to locate public toilets and there aren’t any shopping malls where toilets are available or at least, I haven’t seen any.

If you have to use the toilet and you need to drink, or eat in the cafe or restaurant.

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Here’s a trick that I picked up. If you purchase an espresso or even a water bottle at a coffee shop and they allow users to make use of their toilets.

4. Venice isn’t a inexpensive city.

Venice is a pricey city. But it has numerous restaurants. If you search at the area, you may find places that are less expensive to eat particularly if you stay away from busy and crowded areas.

For food, we mostly ate Pizzas which are tasty and delicious.

If you’re staying in Airbnb You can purchase food items at the grocery store to eat breakfast or dinner. There is everything you need including an array of great cheeses and bread.

5. Using public transportation system

If you want to use public transport system, such as the bus that goes to Venice when you’re staying in Mestre or the Vaporetto You will need purchase tickets prior to getting on the boat or bus.

Tickets are available for an entire day, 2 days or more available on both the bus that goes to Mestre as well as for all Vaporetto routes in Venice as well as excursions for the islands Murano as well as Burano. This is very convenient as it can save your time and more affordable than buying tickets every time you have to travel to a place.

As an example, in Mai 2019, the trip on a bus from Mestre towards Venice is 1.50 Euro. The fare of the Vaporetto to Venice costs 7.50 Euro. If you purchase an hourly ticket, it would cost you 20 Euro for unlimited travel.

If, for instance you’re staying in Mestre in the city of Mestre, which is located situated on the main island and where you will find cheaper accommodation and Airbnb as compared to Venice You will have take a bus in order for Venice. It’s not a long trip, only about 15 minutes.

In Venice it is likely that you will be able to travel 3-4 times per day on a boat. It’s more affordable to purchase 3 or 1 day tickets, based on the duration time you’ll be staying.

6. Drinking Spritz

All over Venice I spotted people drinking some sort of red-pink drink that had an orange slice inside. When I asked about it, was, I was informed that it was a drink known as”spritz. It is a wildly well-known cocktail in Venice and there are people drinking it all time throughout the day.

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We had one glass of Spritz, and I can say it was a delicious drink. It was so delicious.

The alcohol wasn’t overly strong and it was pleasant to sip it.

The drink is made with Prosecco wine and bitter liqueurs such as Aperol, Campari, Cynar or Select as well as sparkling mineral water. It is typically served with frozen cubes of ice and an orange slice or lemon.

The Spritz is also served in different areas of Italy as well, and there isn’t a single recipe for the sparkling drink. It is prepared using different ingredients in various cities and towns, however the common element is Prosecco and sparkling water.

7. A visit to Murano

I would recommend taking a boat ride to Murano. It’s about a 15 minute drive from Venice. It’s a peaceful beautiful place to spend time in and has plenty of wonderful stores selling Murano glass jewellery and other handmade crafts.

All of the items you will find are created from Murano glass. There are several locations where you can observe how the artisans create the glass.

8. Free guided tours

There are a handful of organizations that offer free guided tours through the city’s center that you can discover on the Internet. The tours typically last about 1.5 hour and are offered in a variety of languages.


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