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The Mexican Riviera cruise season runs from October to April in mild temperatures. The seven-day cruise aboard the Oosterdam was a trip to Cabo San Lucas at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula and Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta on the Mexican mainland.

The famed Land’s End arches are located in Cabo San Lucas. Photo by Pat Woods

Cabo San Lucas lies where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortes. Massive granite arches welcome ship captains of cruise vessels to visit this vibrant port.

Mazatlan is a city that has beginnings within Aztec culture. The city’s Aztec roots are evident. Old Town Mazatlan, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception’s impressive twin towers dominate the narrow cobblestone streets that make up the majority of Mexican cities. The more modern section of Mazatlan, a city of 500,000 inhabitants, is more extensive, with a broader streetscape, casinos, breweries, and resorts. A myriad of hotel chains, chain stores, and fast-food restaurants are open to tourists and winter residents.

The Oosterdam in Puerto Vallarta. Photo by Pat Woods

When the Oosterdam arrived at Puerto Vallarta, we immediately observed the adjacent Walmart. The bustling tourist destination has transformed the port area to encourage development by offering familiar American restaurants and stores.

The most popular shore excursions offered at the three ports include shopping, city, or whale-watching. Beach excursions, along with beer and tequila tastings, are popular choices. For adventurous people, guests can ride horses or zip lines, snorkel parasails, or fish in sports.

In Cabo In Cabo, we took an excursion boat to get closer views of Land’s End arch rocks, then took a bus to a picturesque spot for photos.

A boat for bird-watching cruises through mangroves and palm waters to look for exotic waterfowl. Photo by Rob Woods


In Mazatlan, Rob went on estuaries and bird-watching expeditions through Mangrove waterways and Palm waters to observe brown pelicans, blue herons, sea hawks, and many other waterfowl species.

The Mazatlan city tour included one quick tour of cathedrals, cliff divers, and cliff divers. We then spent time in an expertly staged Mexican Folkloric show. The tour concluded with lunch and shopping.

Performers bow in the aftermath of the conclusion of a Folklorico performance in Mazatlan. Photo by Pat Woods

After a quick shared cab ride to Puerto Vallarta, we carefully descended the stairs into Our Lady of Guadalupe Cathedral. The gorgeous interior was worthy of the time and effort. After we had walked through the market near the church walked on the malec of the oceanfront, a wide walkway lined with sculptures and street performers as well as shops and cantinas.

In all of our port visits, we felt at ease with the cruise ship’s guided tours and on our own. The tour guides, the bus/cab driver, and the merchants were courteous and respectful to us. Taxis were plentiful and reasonably priced.


Holland America is known for excellent meals, but this cruise elevated the standard. The upscale Pinnacle Restaurant ($35 dinner for dinner, $10 for lunch on a day at sea), our succulent meats, succulent steaks, and veggies were cooked to the highest standards. A delicate light show played with the jellyfish-like shapes in the ceiling accentuated the elegant setting.

The seven-day cruise on the Oosterdam cruise visited Cabo San Lucas at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula, as well as Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta on the Mexican mainland.

Canaletto’s Lido deck will appeal to those who love Italian food, with small plates of items to share ($15). The bi-level main dining space has fixed hours or open eating. It has a vast menu that includes five-course meals that are beautifully presented. The guests can also request breakfast in the room. Breakfasts at our hotel were in good time and were hot.

At the Lido Buffet, the friendly and enthusiastic crew made an enjoyable dining experience for guests to get together and socialize. The same spirit was evident throughout the ship. Its Lido Salad Bar buffet has an impressive selection of greens that guests freshly pick, provided by an experienced crew member with gloves. We enjoyed our lunch by eating a huge bowl of our most nutritious greens.

Holland America ships consistently receive top health inspection scores, and hand hygiene stations on the boat make it easier to stay well.

A Mariachi band performs on the decks of the ship. Photo by Pat Woods


Returned guests have noticed changes. Formal evenings have evolved into gala events with a more casual dress code. The cabins are equipped with wall-mounted flat-screen TVs. The guests can find information about shore excursions and ships on their TV in the house or via personal smartphones and tablets. If guests require Internet assistance, they can bring tablets to reception.

On the cruise, attentive guests spotted numerous whales migrating along with playful porpoises. There was plenty of opportunity for guests to learn about Mexican traditions, culture, and food. A vibrant Mariachi band performed Mexican music, while energetic Folkloric dancers created an exciting setting.

Evergreen Spa guests listen to gentle music while relaxing on lounges heated inside the spa’s thermal room. Photo by Holland America Line

In addition to the usual Spa treatments, Evergreen Spa offers a seven-day pass to its calming warm pool with many jets to soothe joints and sore muscles. In the thermal area, the spa guests can use a steam room and lay on a heated lounger that plays soft music with ocean views ($149).

A Microsoft instructor taught various classes using Microsoft software at the Digital Workshop. Participants attended classes in exercises and crafts, improved their cooking skills at America’s Kitchen test, attended everyday Catholic Mass, and played Bingo, bridge, trivia, and other games.

The Oosterdam provided various music, from an orchestra playing classical music, show tunes, and even contemporary. B.B. King’s Blues Club was a popular place to be. Dancing, comedians, and other entertainers performed every night.

Onboard, the Microsoft Digital workshop offers frequent training in the software during the cruise. Photo by Holland America Line

Cruise lines are now attracting younger passengers, singles, and families from all age groups while maintaining old-timers. During our Holland America voyage, generations of all backgrounds interspersed perfectly. Friendly, well-trained crew members from 30 nations were eager to help.

Amid mass shootings and violent discussions, the cruise represented respect and civility. Other. The convivial mixture of crew and guests was as stunning as the sun’s warm and sunny days.


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