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While I perused the stalls to find the finest vegetables to add to my soup of leeks and potatoes, I smiled as I listened to gorgeous Irish accents spoken by the gentlemen at the counter for the bakery right next to me.

One of my favorite things about Ireland is its food choices and Irish accents. One of the best spots to experience these treasures was Cork’s English Market in Cork, Ireland.


Cork is the second-largest city in Ireland following Dublin and is referred to by its residents as the The Real Capitol of Ireland.’ Cork is located in the south of Ireland and just a short distance from the coastline.

Cork can be described as a place brimming with history, and a large part remains visible within the city today. Saint Finbarr established Cork as an enclave for monks, but it was later transformed into a Viking port.

The city became a key trade hub for Scandinavian trade routes. This made it the second-largest city in Ireland.


The River Lee, which flows through Cork in two distinct directions, is among the most distinctive aspects of Viking Cork.

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After studying overseas for five months at University College Cork, I had a clear idea of the most popular places to eat, drink and relax in Cork.


Irish people are among the most genuine and kind people I’ve met. I find the Irish culture and the customs that it has to offer charming.

The soup of vegetables, brown bread, and black tea have endless possibilities. The perfect way to spend a lazy afternoon during a rainy day which happens often.

To be clear, having good craic in Ireland is having a great time. Not doing drugs. I had the most enjoyable times drinking at pubs, hearing live bands, going to the beach for a hike, drinking tea and scones, and playing on cobblestones soaking wet.

How do you not get smitten by the country of sheep grazing the hillsides and kindly older men eager to talk with you over one pint of Guinness?


The English Market in Cork offers an outdoor market offering all kinds of goods, from freshly ground meat to hot tea and 50-cent scones.

All the products, meats, and baked excellent are fresh and reasonably priced, and the vendors are friendly; a stroll through the freshly baked goods and fresh produce is among the best ways to pass a Saturday morning.

Image alt=”Hiking is an excellent option to get away from and avoid the throngs. 

Ocean breeze and salt spray create a romantic beach hike at Ballycotton, County Cork. Photo by Stephanie Mork

Cork is among the top places to go bar hopping, as well. One of the principal streets, Oliver Plunkett Street, is filled with excellent pubs that cater to all ages.

The Spalpain Fanac is situated just off Oliver Plunkett Street. Still, it’s worth the additional minutes of walking to enjoy the atmosphere in the area, delicious beer, and live entertainment every evening during the week.

This is the kind of place one would imagine Ireland would be like, with its traditional Cork style. It’s the authentic Irish deal.


An excursion to Ireland can only be complete if you stay in an inn or bed and breakfast to experience genuine Irish hospitality and the most crucial breakfast of the day, an extensive Irish breakfast.

My favorite B&Bs are Blue Dolphin on Western Road, located right next to UCC, and the Auburn House on Wellington Road, just a stone’s distance across St. Patrick’s Street.

The typical Irish breakfast can be found in every B&B. This includes but isn’t limited to porridge, fried eggs, bacon, sausages or scones, Irish soda bread, cooked vegetables, and tea.

Most of the time, this is enough food to last until 2 pm at the end of the afternoon. Breakfast worthy of an emperor!

Saint Patrick’s Street in the central part of Cork is where you can find some of the most sought-after shops in Cork.

Some cafes and shops cater to all tastes and preferences. For those who don’t enjoy shopping, there are plenty of places to stroll and relax by the River Lee with a cup of tea.

Everywhere you go, there are restaurants, cafes, and pubs that are worth a visit. Let’s be honest. Ireland is a top choice in hospitality and has the ability to craft an excellent beer.

A kiss to the Blarney Stone on the summit of Castle County Cork will give you the gift of speech. Photo by Stephanie Mork

The world-renowned Blarney Castle is not far from Cork City and is an absolute must if you visit Cork.

A stroll through the garden in the summer sun while enjoying its rich heritage and the warm nature of the landscape is the perfect option to spend your afternoon.

The moment you kiss the Blarney Stone on the summit of the castle will be a truly memorable experience. As the legend is told, you will be given the gift of speech.

There’s plenty to explore throughout County Cork, from castles in Kinsale to distilleries in Middleton and cathedrals in Cobh.


The area is filled with historical monuments and stunning landscapes that merit getting away from your city and going for a few hours or so.

The most popular places to visit in the area around include Charles Fort, the Jameson Distillery, and the Titanic Museum.

Even tiny towns, such as Ballycotton, offer hiking trails along the coast that are clean with visitors but offer salty air and fresh air.

Dublin and the famous Cliffs of Moher in County Clare often overlook Cork. It is my top place to go in Ireland.


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