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How to Stay Fresh During Your Travels into Nature - Intergalactique

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For the countless people who are affected by COVID-19 virus The abrupt shift to work from home caused a lot anxiety and stress. Everyone could get a rest.

A lot of us imagine taking a break by camping in the woods, or enjoying a relaxing time in the river with family or friends for a few hours.

Nature has this kind of healing power that takes the weight off your shoulders and resets you to a type of tranquil mindset.

But the idea of a getaway in nature can be a bit daunting for us urban residents. In terms of hygiene we’re spoiled with every day washrooms with clean linens and daily handwashes. It’s not unreasonable to forgo all of these when we’re in nothing, wouldn’t you?

For those who aren’t, there are solutions that work just well! In this article we’ll look at some useful items to remember when you’re planning to get off the beaten path!

Wet Wipes are Your Friend

Based on the location you choose to set up the camp, water can be a challenge to locate (or God forbid, polluted upon arrival). It is recommended to pack some gallons prior to leaving, but you need to make a decision between drinking and eating.

You should be ready with plenty of moist and soiled wipes. Wet wipes available on the market contain anti-bacterial properties and suitable to use for a scrub after an exhausting day. Make sure that they’re suitable for use on the skin, as certain types are designed for use on hard surfaces.

If you’re typically cleaning with water following number 2 and have access to toilets, DUDE flushable wipes are an excellent alternative that doesn’t block the septic tanks.

But, remember that wet wipes will not be biodegradable, and you should get rid of them in a responsible manner! Bring them home in the event that you are unable to use trash bins.

Pack the Right Clothes

Cotton t-shirts are great for when you’re watching Netflix. However, if you’re out and around in the hot and humid conditions as summer gets closer you should wear something more suitable for sporting.

Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon are sweat-wicking, which means that they draw the sweat from you, and keeps your body dry. They also have lots of ventilation holes, which keeps your body cool.

They dry quickly after a simple wash, and they don’t get stale like cotton.

Because you’ll be on your feet all day, make sure you buy socks that sweat-wicking as well! The most well-known problem with cotton socks is creating blisters when the moisture builds up, which can cause friction. Also, dark and damp places are an ideal ideal environment for bacteria to flourish.

Rinse-Free Facial Cleanser (and Body Wash)

Freshness starts with your face when you wake up. Although we are able to enjoy the convenience to splash cold, refreshing water onto our faces at home it might happen if you’re far from the world.

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An excellent option could be to carry the cleanser that is rinse-free for your face.

It’s true, you must apply the product in the similar way as you would any other cleanser, but with the difference that you wipe it clean rather than washing it off and wasting a lot of water.

Start off with clean hands.

I’d suggest finding an area to shower if it is possible. But this isn’t a possibility for everyone and that’s why I would suggest purchasing shower gels that don’t require rinse. They aren’t just for travellers, but they’re frequently used to offer patients with chronic illness in the health sector every day baths.


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