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Top 11 Professional Window Cleaning Tools: With a Bonus - Intergalactique

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Professional window cleaners are essential to a window-cleaning business. The following 11 tools are required for large commercial and residential window-cleaning jobs.

  • Squeegees

They are essential tools for professional window cleaners. They help to achieve streak-free, dry results. You’ll likely use multiple squeegees to clean your windows every day. Make sure you try each one and decide which one you like best.

  • Extension Poles

These poles are ideal for cleaning difficult to reach windows, especially if you don’t have lifts or ladders. To make your job easier, choose poles with ergonomic grips and simple locking mechanisms.

  • Sleeves and T-Bars

These are sometimes called window cleaning wands or T-bars. They usually come with a mop or sleeve attached, often called the scrubber. These tools are used to clean the window. These tools apply water and cleaning solutions to the window’s surface.

  • Scrapers

Scrapers can be used to remove dirt and grime. You can keep your scraper handy by using a belt holster.

  • Solution and buckets

For a professional clean, keep the cleaning solution to soap and water. A teaspoon of dishwashing detergent in two gallons water will do the trick. Professional window washers use a rectangular bucket that is large enough to hold their largest T-bar.

  • Window Cleaning Cloths and Towels

Window cleaning cloths are streak-free and lint-free. Because they are inexpensive and extremely efficient, window cleaners should keep several microfiber cloths and surgical towels handy. You can also use old bath towels to clean up your mess and absorb any water that has dripped.

  • A Tool Belt

A tool belt is a handy tool for window cleaners who need to have many tools. Comfort and functionality are important. Your belt should include a scraper holster, a bucket-on-a–belt, and a squeegee.

  • Ladders

You can clean difficult to reach windows with ladders. A ladder can save your life. A 20-foot ladder is required to be able reach any window.

Top Professional Window Cleaning Tools: With a Bonus

  • Software for Window Cleaning Estimating and Billing

To create bids and send invoices to be paid, you need billing software. This software is essential for business success and management. You need one that allows you to organize your client information, schedules, billings, and invoices.

  • Water Purification Systems

These filters remove chlorine, minerals, larger particulates, and other contaminants from window cleaning solutions. This allows windows to dry completely clear without the need for a squeegee. The purification system is mounted on a water fed pole system that has an extended reach and eliminates the need for ladders. Window cleaning is made so much easier by water fed poles.

  • Window Screen Cleaning Kit

Modern window cleaners need a kit that includes a microfiber screen sleeve and cleaning solution.


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