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How To Repair Alloy Wheel Damage - Intergalactique

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Alloy wheels are one of the best features of many cars.

Shabby alloys can really damage a car’s appearance and make it more difficult to sell. A set of four damaged alloys could easily run over PS200, which is more than the cost of repairing them. Although it’s hard to value a set of alloy wheels, a well-designed set will not only improve your car’s resale chances but also make you feel more confident about having it.

Don’t panic if your wheels are damaged. We have all the information you need about how to repair alloy wheel damage. Although it is possible to repair lightly damaged alloy wheels at home, it is relatively easy and affordable. If the wheel is extremely damaged or you are unsure, you might need to call professionals.

Everybody kerbs a tire at one time or another. You can repair minor damage using an over-the-counter alloy wheel repair in essex tool that includes sandpapers, filler, primer, and paint. You might want to coat the wheel with lacquer, depending on its finish.

  • Start sanding with an alloy wheel repair kit

You can purchase the kit at a local car maintenance shop. The kit included sandpaper to remove damaged paint and smoothen over chips. Many preferred their own heavy-grit sandpaper because it was more effective.

  • Apply the putty and wipe it off.

After sanded down, cleaned up the dust. After sanding down, mixe the putty that came with the kit and covered the dings to create a level surface. Then, let it cure.

  • Reduce the filler

The hardest task was to sand the filler flush with your alloy. It saves time and effort later by getting it as close to the original application as possible.

  • Apply primer, wipe down, and then check for any imperfections

A second wipe was done, this time using a tackcloth to remove all dust. Then apply etch primer (an acid-based, undercoat that comes with the kit), to give the silver paint a key, and highlight any flaws.

  • Before applying light paint layers, lightly sand again

After a final rub down using very fine sandpaper and a second wipe with the tackcloth as any dust might show through apply several light coats to the alloy wheel paint. Heavy coats tend not to run so let them dry.

  • Lacquer

Finally, apply a coat lacquer to bring car back to its original look. Once it dried, you are ready to install winter tyres with new alloys.

  • Time taken 5 hours
  • Material cost PS25

You can purchase a lacquer separately if your repair kit does not include it.

Alloy wheel refurbishment – When to call the professionals

DIY repair is okay for minor damage. However, you might consider calling a mobile wheel refurbishment service to fix any more serious problems like a bent wheel, severe kerbing, corrosion, and fractures. Spot repairs are possible but it is best to have the entire wheel refurbished in order to maintain a uniform finish.

If you need to repair something more serious or if your car is a luxury vehicle, it may be worth considering the services of a company.

A pothole can cause a wheel to be out of alignment. However, it is not uncommon for it to become irreparable. An impact less severe than one that causes a rim to become distorted at the contact point with the tyre can also have serious consequences. This could lead to a slow-growing air leakage that may not be immediately noticed by the driver.

Repairing your vehicle is more involved than a simple DIY project. To expose the alloy, the wheel is placed in a chemical bath. The wheel is checked for cracks and washed. The wheel is then rechecked and painted. Finally, the wheel is baked at 200°F before being lacquered and baked at 230°F.

What is the cost of an alloy wheel repair?

You can repair the damage yourself by purchasing an alloy wheels repair kit. This will cost you around PS20-PS30.

Prices for professional repairs vary depending on how extensive the work is, the size of your wheel and whether the wheel has a diamond-cut surface. The cost of a corner can range from PS50 to PS300, but you will likely save money if the wheel can be brought to the workshop by you and you are able to avoid same-day service. The average cost of a wheel is between PS80 and PS100.

How long is it to repair alloy wheels?

You will need to dedicate a day or two to repair your alloys.

It will depend on which company you choose and how old your alloys are. While some companies will return them within 1-4 hours, others may take up to one working day.

How to clean alloy wheels

After you have repaired your alloy wheels, it is important to maintain them in top condition. Learn how to clean alloy wheels and which cleaning products are best to use.


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