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How to Clean Your Curtains - Intergalactique

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Do you notice dust buildup on your curtains in the last few months? If so, check the care instructions. If you decide to dry clean your curtains, be sure to follow these steps.

Curtain Cleaning Tips and Don’ts

How To Dry Clean 

Window coverings made of washable fabrics may shrink during washing. Do not dry clean drapes or curtains with intricate decoration, such as pleats or swags.

Special Fabrics

You can refresh velvet draperies without washing them or drying them. You can simply brush the silk curtains with a chamois fabric, then dip it in hotwater. Then, rinse them in cool or warm water. Use mild liquid detergent. Gently swirl the silk curtains but don’t twist or wring.

Sun Damage

Even the strongest fabrics can be damaged by sunlight. Wash your curtains and draperies in the gentle cycle with cool soap or lukewarm soap. Dry them in a clothesdryer on low heat or delicate settings.

Sheer Curtains

Even though sheer curtains may not appear dirty, they need to be washed regularly. Even though sheer curtains don’t appear dirty, they should still be washed on a regular basis. Next, wash the machine in a gentle setting for between 2 and 3 minutes.

You can place the sheer curtains and a few terrycloth towels in an oven for 2 to 3 minutes.

Routine curtain cleaning in auckland

After deep cleaning, remember to dust curtains and drapes regularly. You can use a soft brush attachment to your vacuum, or a long-handled soft fiber broom. They are more efficient at collecting dust than natural fibres.

Low suction is the best setting for your vacuum cleaner to prevent fabric from being pulled into the nozzle. A rubber band can be used to secure an old nylon stocking over the nozzle.

It is easy to take down curtains or drapes and then rehang them.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Curtain Care

  • If you have curtains that are too long, measure them before you wash them. Next, remove the tapes so that they can lay flat.
  • Before you dust the curtains, run them through the dryer on the low heat setting. Next, dust them using the vacuum brush attachment.
  • Don’t overload your washing machine. Remember that curtains can get heavier if they are wet.
  • It is not recommended to wash the fabric by hand. Instead, gently agitate the fabric.
  • Avoid wet surfaces touching by drying curtains along two parallel lines Don’t let curtains dry on wooden floors as this could cause staining.
  • Iron the horizontal length of the side that isn’t visible while it’s damp. To prevent watermarks, dampen it again if it has dried.
  • Stretch the seams before ironing to avoid puckering. The curtains should be laid flat on a surface like a table or bed. Next, you will need to pull them up until they are the right size.
  • Once curtains are dry, attach weights and hooks to them. Then pull the tape to the desired width.
  • Hanging curtains will save you time and help you to avoid stepping on the floor. You can then steam them with a handheld steamer or use a regular steamer for smoothening.
  • Before hanging curtains, clean the valances attached to the wall. To clean a wooden vaance, use the crevice tool.
  • It’s easier to rehang curtains when someone is standing on a ladder to place hooks and another person is below to make sure that they don’t slide on the ground.

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