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How to choose a painter for your home - Intergalactique

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Did You Know You Could Lose Your Home if the WRONG House Painter is chosen?

Because they don’t know the right questions to ask or what to look out for when hiring a house painter, homeowners are putting themselves at unnecessary risk. This guide will help to avoid confusion and give you the confidence to make the right decision.

You must ensure that your employees are covered.

There are basically two types of painter

The Paycheck Painter is a good option if you have a quick job and need to paint a garage floor. However, it’s not the best choice for long-lasting paint jobs. Paycheck Painters may have only a few months experience painting. They may not have any product knowledge, and they may not know much about customer service, bidding, estimating, and what it takes to make a high-quality finished product. They often use poor quality paint and don’t stand behind their work. .. They want a paycheck from you, not a long-term relationship.

This is important information for people with knee and hip pain. Look!

They won’t usually measure your job. They will often “Eyeball”, the work and make up a price or write it on a business card. How will you know if you’re getting what you pay for if a painter doesn’t have a contract?

Do not hire a Painter who claims they can work for “Time and Materials”. Except if you’re having your exterior painted. If they say they will paint your house for an hourly fee, it should be a RED FLAG! These painters are to be avoided! These painters may not have insurance and don’t usually provide written estimates. Their skills are often only marginally better than that of the average NON-PAINTER.

These painters may trick homeowners into thinking they are saving money. You will take all the risk. Is it worth it if you get sued? You might also need to have touchups performed a few months later. Good luck finding these people! These are the men who stay in business for the long haul.

Avoid painters who promise to work for an hourly salary if you buy the materials.

Professional Painter – The price difference between a Pay Check Painter and a Professional Painter is not worth it. A professional painter will give you peace of mind that is unmatched. You will save money if you do the job right the first time. You should also consider who would be responsible if the uninsured person gets hurt while working in your home. That’s right, YOU! You could be sued by that person and it is not worth putting your house at risk. It sounds absurd, but it is true. There are too many law suits that have taken everything away from homeowners who were good and well-intentioned but didn’t realize the risks.

Is it possible to find an insured painter who has quality references and is willing to provide excellent customer service? Is it possible to get a professional-quality paint job done at an affordable cost by someone you trust? Yes!

What should you look for in a professional house painter?

  • Superior Customer Service is the first and most important.
  • Homeowners are offered additional value and incentives.
  • Exceeding your expectations and doing more than you promised.
  • Being the Painter of choice and developing long-term relationships.
  • We offer quality paint jobs at affordable prices.

These Are Five Important Things to Remember:

1. Is the painter insured? This is the first sign that a trustworthy and caring painter is insured. Be aware! There are many. There are many uninsured painters in the field. If you hire one to paint for your project, you will be responsible for all the risks. Ask for proof. Professional painters in north shore will have proof of their liability insurance. Ask them if they have proof of liability insurance. If not, they will be happy to provide one or offer to call the insurance company to verify that they are insured.

2.) Do you have quality references? How do you know if the painter you hire will meet your expectations? Ask the painter for references from satisfied customers. Call the references to verify the quality and reliability of the work. These are the questions you can ask the referenced person.

To show the quality and creativity of their work, some painters create a portfolio that includes before-and-after photos. You may be able to get letters from former clients. You should look for painters who will provide references without asking. This is a sign that they care about customer service and are knowledgeable in their field. Ask! This won’t be a problem if you are dealing with a highly-respected, upstanding painter.

3.) Affordable price: What does that mean? While I understand that price is an important issue for many homeowners, what does affordable actually mean? How can you ensure you’re not paying too much? These are excellent questions, and I’m glad to answer them. Affordable means competitive. There are no exact same painters so there will not be any identical prices or estimates. There is no one “right price”, but there is a range. You may get a better job if the price is higher than you would expect. It is best to get several estimates from professional house painters to determine the price range. This brings us to the fourth criteria you should look for in a house painter. You want to be sure you get a high-quality job at a reasonable price from someone you can trust. Consider painters that offer value incentives such as Senior Discounts, Cash Discounts, or free touch-up services. Quality house painters want to establish a relationship with their clients, and be their painter in the future. Do not hire a house painter who only sees you for a paycheck. EXECUTED ESTIMATES AND CONTRACTS ARE A MUST! (But, don’t worry! Not all estimates are equal. This may seem confusing, but you won’t be discouraged if you read this report and feel confident in your ability to make the right choice.

4. ) Estimate: Avoid painters who “eyeball” the job without measuring and simply write a price on a business card. The reason is that if you agree to the price, what proof do YOU have that the job will be completed to your expectations? What protection do you have against it? NONE! There are many horror stories of a painter stating that a price was scribbled on a piece of paper, and then half-way through the job the painter said it would take longer than expected and will cost more. The homeowner will not have much choice. They either have to pay an extra fee to finish the job or have to live with a half-finished job. A professionally written estimate is the best way to ensure you get a detailed job description. It leaves no room for misunderstandings. The painter has been clear about your expectations and concerns. He also did his research and is fully aware of the job. A written contract is in place and you know you will get what you pay for. You should include a place where both parties can sign an agreement. This is the ideal scenario for everyone. Another thing to keep in mind when preparing an estimate or contract is… Paint contractors often talk about using high-quality paint, then buying and applying contractor-grade paint. Look for painters that will share the discounts they get on paint and other materials with you.

5. ) Deposit: What should you do? Avoid contractors asking for large deposits up front. Unless the painter tells you they are just starting their own business, and that they need a small deposit to purchase materials for your job, don’t give them a large up-front deposit. If this is the case the deposit should be sufficient to cover the cost of materials (usually not more than 20%). It is best to find painters that offer a “No Upfront Deposit” policy.

Quick and Simple Checklist – Things to Avoid At All Costs:

  • Painters who used “eyeball” to measure the job and didn’t use either a tape or laser measure.
  • Painters who either write their price on scrap paper or business cards, or both, don’t need to use a detailed contract.
  • People who are quick talkers or know-it-alls and make you feel insignificant or like your questions are a waste of time.
  • A deposit is required by some artists. If they are just starting out, it shouldn’t exceed 20%
  • Painters who claim they work for “Time and Materials”,

Spend some time defining your criteria. You should now have an idea of what you need to look for when hiring a house painters.


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