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7 Tips on Hiring the Right Commercial Painter - Intergalactique

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For most people, the past few years have been difficult. Our lives have been affected by the pandemic in many ways. Many businesses switched to remote workers when it was feasible. These businesses are slowly returning to the office as the pandemic is decreasing.

It might seem that your office is empty or barely occupied and therefore doesn’t need a new paint job. It would be great to give your office a fresh look in the new year. This will help you revitalize your employees’ attitudes. Imagine how much they will enjoy coming back to a bright, clean place that energizes them.

Repainting an office can make a huge difference. Your desire to make your customers and employees feel welcome will be appreciated by all.

How to choose a commercial painting contractor

You’ve made the decision to repaint your home. Now you need to hire an experienced painter . First, don’t assume all painters are alike. It can be disappointing to hire a house painter for your commercial space. Commercial painting requires additional skills that residential painters may not have. Below are some tips to help you find the right commercial painter.

1. Commercial Painting Experience

Amateurs and those who haven’t received the proper training in commercial painting skills should not be allowed to do it. Special equipment is required for commercial painters to paint high ceilings and other difficult-to-reach areas. Your contractor should be able tell you which method is best for painting your commercial space. OSHA standards should be understood and followed by the contractor. Many house painters lack the necessary equipment, knowledge, or skills to complete the job correctly.

2. Credentials

Do not hire a painting contractor without being licensed, bonded, or insured. All contractors/builders must be licensed by the Contractors State License Board. They must be covered for general liability and workers’ comp insurance. These certificates will protect you against any injury or damage that may occur during the painting process. These certifications can also be used to provide recourse in the event that the project is not completed as planned.

Do not trust their words. There are many shady companies out there that will lie about their credentials. Ask for proof of insurance and a license.

3. Refer to References

A reputable commercial painter can provide a list of clients for which they have completed projects. You can ask them for their contact information and names. Then, be sure to get in touch with them. Ask them questions such as:

  • Was your project scope?
  • Was the contractor able to stay within budget?
  • Did the project get completed on time?
  • Were your expectations met?
  • Would you recommend/rehire this contractor?
  • Which part of their work did you enjoy the most?

4. Do Your Own Research

It is always a good idea for you to visit the company. They may not have received positive references and they could have changed ownership or had problems that affected the quality of their work. For complaints against them, check the Better Business Bureau. Look for online reviews.

Check their website for testimonials and then read them. You should also see any awards or accolades that the company has won. Is the company locally owned and operated? Are they involved in their local community? A well-respected contractor is more likely to be a valued neighbor.

5. Flexible Scheduling

Commercial painting contractors know that the job they do isn’t always 9-5. Many offices are unable to close during a painting project. You need to understand how the contractor will minimise disruption to your business and employees if the project is possible during normal office hours. What will they do to prevent odors from contaminating the area? How will they make sure that the area is clean before they leave each day? What time will they finish their day?

You may not be able to have contractors on-site during business hours. If this is the case, the contractor should be able to offer alternate schedules for your off-hours or off-days. Commercial painters in auckland are used to working nights and weekends, so be sure to ask.

6. Interview at Least 3 Contractors

Unless you already have a contractor you’ve used before and done a good job, it’s wise to When and why did you start your company?

While new entrepreneurs and beginners deserve to be given the chance, are you willing to take on risk? It is important that the company be established and have a local presence. Even though technicians might not all have the same experience, they should have project managers to oversee the work and ensure that specifications are met. Owners of companies should take pride in their work and be able to satisfy customers.

  • Which brands and products are you using?
  • Paint, primers and rollers should all be of high quality. It’s not a good sign if they use cheaper products. You can move on to the next option.
  • Are you following safety precautions?
  • Reputable painting companies will have safety procedures and specifications in place to protect against accidents and injuries. These policies should be strictly followed to protect your customers and staff as well as their workers. You can post warning signs and create boundaries around your project area. Also, clean up any spillages promptly. Safety is also affected by the proper use of equipment.
  • What should I do before I start?
  • Many contractors won’t transport heavy furniture or equipment away from walls being painted. It can be time-saving and frustrating to know that you will need to move the items to another place or in the middle of the room.
  • Do your offer a guarantee?
  • A contractor who is confident in their work will offer a guarantee to customers. Most reputable companies will fix any defects that arise from their negligence or error for a certain period of time.
  • Do you use sub-contractors?
  • Contractors often use temporary workers to augment their permanent staff. You need to make sure that the contractor is in control of the project, and that their subcontractors adhere to the same standards. Subcontractors should be held to the same standards as the main contractor, and must also have their own licenses and insurance.
  • What makes your work stand out from the rest?
  • It might appear that all the contractors you are considering have similar experience, credentials and reputations. Ask them about any additional services they offer or what they do differently than their competitors. You might also consider adding some extras. Free color consultations Special offers, financing options or guarantees are not available.

7. Request Estimates

All painting contractors should offer


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