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Mandatory Checklist for a Perfect Road Trip! - Intergalactique

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Road trips can be super exciting! The fun and adventure that waits during the whole journey is just incredible. From the commencement of the journey all through the road drive till you reach the destination, everything is gripping and thrilling. Who would want any kind of spoiler (whatsoever) amidst such a fun journey!

But there may be certain issues that can occur if you don’t prepare for the trip well. These can destroy all your adventure and can even lead to cancellation of the journey midway. Especially when the hitch is related to the vehicle on which you were banking to travel. Or travel documents! Some of the times, ignoring the important factors before setting off for a road trip can get you jailed or in a hospital too!

A Must Do List Before Any Road Trip!

There are innumerable matters to take into consideration before travelling by road for a long trip! It’s essential to check them all for a perfect, smooth and fruitful journey. Let’s read what those factors are!

  • Car Servicing — A road trip isn’t possible without a car! So when you have to cover up the round about journey in a car, it’s but obvious you should be getting your car serviced first! There are some great Mechanics in Rockingham like The Car Doctor. They check your car from A to Z, and do all the repair and replacement work excellently. Taking your car to the service centre and getting it properly checked is necessary. If by any chance you ignore this task, you may end with a flat tyre or a hot engine amidst your journey, and it may be a secluded road too. This can lead to lots of hassle during the trip and may even cost you a lot for getting the repairs done.
  • Stocking Up Food and Beverages — Water and food are other essential requirements without which you can’t complete your journey easily. You may be driving through highways for long, or visiting the mountains – and there may not be food stalls nearby. Therefore, never set out for a road trip before you are well stocked with your snacks and packaged foods, canned juices and water bottles – a stock that should be enough for all the members throughout the journey.
  • Batteries and Gadgets — Your journey may take up days and even weeks to complete. You may need a good amount of entertainment in between. You would need to connect with your family through calls and messages during this time. You would also need to track the location through GPS. For all these conveniences, you need to carry power banks, chargers and GPS tracker, batteries, torch, etc.  Always check for these and ensure proper stock.
  • License, Legal Documents and Identity Cards — Your road trip would require you to stay at hotels which would require your identity proof for a stay. Also, there may be officers along the boundaries of highways or cities who would be interested in checking your car papers and your license for some legal procedures. Also, if you break some traffic rules or get prone to any accident, then too you’ll need all these proofs. And for cross border drives, papers are everything! That’s why, never forget taking them all in your car before you are off.
  • Cash and Plastic Money — Going for a road trips all equipped would hardly cost you anything on the way other than just gas refuel. But even then, never take monetary sources for granted. Always keep a good amount of cash as well as your cards with you.
  • Ice Scraper, Shovel, Rain Wears— The weather doesn’t stay constant at all places. Especially if the road trip would be for weeks, you may face lots of changing weather conditions on the way. Always carry your gears that would be most suitable for the coming or probable weather. Like a shovel or ice breakers would be needed if you are going to travel during winter. Rain gear would be needed if you are going to rain prone regions, etc.

These are some of the essential things you should always take along or get done before you are off for a road trip! These would help your journey to be as perfect and adventurous as you desire it to be! 


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