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How to Use Video Marketing in Travel and Tourism Effectively - Intergalactique

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Tourism and travel are focused on being able to share your experience. It is a way to share the joy and thrilling things you do when you are in a different town or country, or even a continent. In essence it’s an activity that is social.

The sharing of experiences with friends and family on social media or any other medium is how people can relive the moment time and time.

The Right Time for Video Is Now

In 2019, users used an average of seven hours every week playing videos. It was a 59% increase from the past three years. This means that the need for video is going in one direction upwards. In the event that people want to go to a specific destination and make an hotel reservation and make a hotel reservation, they will watch videos.

Nearly 66% of people watched videos while considering taking an excursion, and the majority of them watched videos on the best hotel to stay in. Videos are king and as a tourism and travel business, it is important to consider video as well.

Effective Video Marketing Strategies for the Travel and Tourism Industry

Traveling is a very personal experience. Sharing your experience with others is the best method to keep people interested and involved.

As a company as a business, you would like your clients to live the experience’, so that they become interested in actually booking the experience. Videos can be a fantastic method to draw the attention of your clients. They can make them more likely to take note of your offerings and services.

If it’s an amazing restaurant or a must-see destination or an adventure you have to take part in’, we all appreciate the multiple aspects of a tourist destination.

For any tourism or travel companies, video marketing plays an important role in bringing these experiences to a potential visitor.

Here are some video marketing strategies that can benefit your company:

1. Tell a Story

In the first place, you need to tell a story.

A story is a fantastic method to engage your audience and draw them into the story. A video can add depth through text overlays, audio visually appealing. It is essentially a narrative. The storytelling becomes more enjoyable when the audience takes pleasure in the process.

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A 5-minute travel film about the travel experience of a tourist will make your customers more intrigued than a five-minute blog could do. You can easily make videos using free software for editing videos.

Make sure that the narrative you tell is engaging and resonates with your clients while maintaining your company’s values. The more compelling your story your customers, the more likely your customers to be interested. They’re also more likely to engage with your advertisements, promotions and offers.

2. Length and Quality of Your Videos Matter

It is important to make sure that you don’t lose your audience their attention at any point in the course of. Thus, the duration of your video is important.

Let’s say, for example you’re creating videos on a upcoming tourist attraction. In this case, you’ll need to create short and medium-sized videos about the best areas to go to, the best places to eat, which hotels to select, etc.

These clips are a fantastic method for anyone who is planning to travel to browse and get lots of information in a short amount of time.

It’s important to know and decide what you want to include in your videos. The length of the video will be determined by this.

Usually, the first 10 seconds should be captivating. This is due to the time that a person checks to determine if an article is worthy of their time.

All in all, more engaging, smaller chunks of content are more effective.

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3. Mobile First

Nowadays, more than half the content that we find on the internet is consumed via mobile devices, and that is not just videos. So, you must consider the ‘mobile-friendliness’ aspect of it.

For the best outcomes, you need to decide based on the contents the video.

You wouldn’t want to capture a stunning and picturesque landscape using your front camera, wouldn’t you? Also, think about optimizing your video’s aspect ratio and orientation. Also, make use of subtitles to make sure your videos are seen by a wide viewers.

4. Plan Your Distribution Strategy

A marketing strategy cannot be complete without a distribution strategy. Your video should be able to be seen by the widest possible audience. It is possible to do this by having a well-planned strategy in place.

If you begin with a distribution strategy, you will be able to make an informed choice about what the contents of your videos ought to be.

The most effective sources of distribution are the social media platforms. Pages, groups and playlists are a fantastic option to ensure that your videos are seen by the correct audience of those who may be planning to travel in the near future.

Regularly-filmed material is much more likely increase engagement than just written content or photos.

Another option is to utilize paid ads to contact new prospects.

5. Make Your Videos Share-worthy

If you’re looking to get the results of your travel and tourism videos, you must to create consistent, high-quality and useful travel and tourism content. The videos must be clear, engaging and engaging.

Every video you create will be a narrative that has to be able to connect with your intended customers. Each time you accomplish this, they’ll be enticed to share the content that you post. The more comments, likes and shares you receive the more engagement you will get.


The audio-visual media is the most effective option when an organization wants to generate more leads, and to engage more customers.

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In general, people seek thrilling travel experiences. Travel videos may provide the answers to their travel requirements. The role that videos play in the present is not limited to content pieces. They are also marketing tools. Follow these guidelines to successfully use videos to help the purposes of your strategy to market your travel strategy.


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