The pandemic impacted all segments of life and lifestyle! And travel was most affected. But now thankfully the entire world has reopened and travellers like you can explore the globe once again. But remember, the danger is still very much present in the air and staying safe is essential. So, even your travel backpack needs some precautionary gears when you are heading for a journey.

A Comprehensive List of Important Things to Pack in Your Bag When You Travel Post Pandemic!

Travelling is a joyous experience. And we don’t think you should be without this beautiful experience when the world has finally opened its arms for travellers. But yes, some things are important to pack in your bag if you want to travel safely and return back home fit and fine. Read about those essential things to pack below:

  • A first aid kit — Be it a journey post pandemic or any normal one, you shouldn’t ever forget to pack a first aid kit with you. This should include the bandages, antiseptic cream, pain killers, etc. And since cold and cough are the main symptoms of Covid 19, do carry fever and cold tablets in your bag without fail.
  • Disinfecting wipes and sprays —With Covid fear in the air, avoid touching the common places in the airport or any transport terminal and your hotel. And even if you have to touch the handles or knobs at these places, be sure to spray or wipe these with disinfecting agents.
  • Alcohol-based sanitizers — Sanitisers have become an important part of your life post-pandemic. Frequently using it is recommended to keep safe from the Covid germs. Ensure to pack the biggest pack of it and keep it handy in your handbag.
  • Properly washed, cooked, and well-packed food — Though you will require visiting the restaurants for your meal at your new destination, be sure to pack some nicely washed and cooked homemade snacks as a backup meal during the tour. And also ensure that your food packaging in Sydney from SG Packaging is sanitized and is of the best quality. They have all the essentials you require for your journey ranging from packing materials to sanitization requirements and even childcare items for your travel bag.
  • Mask and gloves — Considering the dangers lying ahead and the virus in the air, do make it a point to carry a mask (or better still at least 3 to 4 masks) with you. You need to be properly masked in your car, in the airport, and even at the tourist places that you visit. And this is not all — you will also need gloves in case your sanitizer isn’t at your disposal so that you don’t touch any items or surfaces directly.
  • Emergency contact numbers — We know you already have your mobile and the important emergency numbers in your quick dial section. But this isn’t all. You are on your way to a journey and you never know when the network loses its touch. So, for quick assistance and help, do keep the important contact numbers of hospitals, quick Covid-19 assistance, and ambulance in your travel bag for any unwanted situation.

We hope you enjoy your journey thoroughly. And if you are packing all these essential stuff in your travel bag, you’ll be safe as well. 


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