Whether you’ve chosen the RV life as a permanent thing, or you simply use one for vacations, you will come to learn what makes life harder or more comfortable on the road. A base model RV is perfect for traveling, but there are certain things you can do to enhance your trip. If you’re going to treat yourself to a few new motorhome additions, then consider the options below. 

Smart Cooking Appliances

Propane burners have their place, but new cookware appliances like induction cookware, for example, are winning over hundreds of RV owners. These cooktops can boil water fast, which leads to less heat build-up in an enclosed space. On a hot summer’s day, that’s a welcome relief. Induction cooktops are also incredibly versatile, meaning you can place them on counters, dinette tables, or anywhere you want to cook up a storm. 

Reversing Cameras

Many RV owners don’t mind spending thousands of dollars on insurance to cover them for accidents. However, it’s still helpful if you can avoid them at all costs. That’s why reversing cameras are a smart upgrade you’ll be pleased you made. 

Given the dimensions of a motorhome, seeing what’s behind you isn’t always easy. With a reversing camera, you can do a physical check, then jump into your motorhome and navigate into a parking space with ease. 

LED Lighting

LED light bars, string lights, and strips are an RV owner’s best friends. Most motorhomes come with plenty of lighting, but not always in the right places. The beauty of LED lighting is that it lasts a long time while being easy to install and affordable to buy. 

You can light up walkways for safe navigation at night, or even the awning area for night-time entertainment. While you’re at it, consider replacing your incandescent bulbs with the LED variety. The energy and environmental savings can be astronomical. 

A Large Inverter

Across the United States and Canada, RV-travelers can access 13,000 public campgrounds. That means you will never be too far from sources of power. However, there are going to be times when dry camping is your only option. Are you prepared for that? 

The larger your motorhome’s inverter, the more power it can store to run your lighting, electronics, and appliances. While you’re at it, you may like to look at accompanying battery upgrades. 

WiFi Solutions

More and more people are finding themselves in flexible jobs that allow them to work from home. So, if you can work from home, you can certainly work on the road. Making sure you have WiFi before you start your journey is essential. 

Instead of trying to pick up data and access public WiFi as you travel, consider a road WiFi unit. Pay a monthly fee and access all the internet you need. 

Bumper Mounts    

Anyone who uses their RV for recreation will want to make the most of their travels. To do so, you may end up going places where a motorhome can’t take you. That’s where a bumper mount comes in handy. 

As long as you’re not towing a car, you can install a mount that can hold kayaks, bikes, and other bulky items. Not only does this give you a collection of alternative vehicles, but it can also be used to free up space in your RV. 

A standard RV can be all any traveler needs. Still, it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of upgrades as they become available. Whether you need more lighting, a better way to cook, or more power and faster internet, these things are well within reach. You’ll be enjoying your travels with far more gusto once they’re installed.


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