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Caravan Accessories - 5 Expert Tips to Make your Trips Stress-Free - Intergalactique

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A country like Australia is not only vast with scenic landscapes, but it is also rich and diverse in culture, ethnicity, language, and religious backgrounds. And one of the excellent ways to uncover the country is through road trips.

So, if you are ready for an adventure with your familiar team, what can be better than getting a house on wheels which takes you wherever you want to go? You guessed it right – we are talking about a caravan-road-trip!

If you are a caravan-veteran, you would probably be aware of some of the items in the checklist smoothen your trip. However, first-time travelers here’s a list for you to follow to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Five expert tips to make your caravan trips stress-free

Pack the necessities

Since it’s your holiday on wheels, you need to have the essential domestic equipment in it all times; ideally, keep a specific set of everything in your caravan. This way you will make sure that you do not go on board with your road trip without any necessities like a set of dishes, and cups or a kettle, and first-aid box.

Make sure you have all the necessary electrical safety measures installed in your caravans such as the circuit breakers, interior, and exterior lightings, trailer lights and switches, generators, etc.

Greasing and cleaning

Regardless of the model you have, check that the towing system is functional. Set it up and be super sure that there are no wobbly screws and everything is at the right place tight and safe. In case you come across any parts which should be loose but are now sealed, get them mended. 

Check the entire interior thoroughly for minutest weathering, and make sure that the water system and electric lines are faultless.

Once the greasing is done, now it’s time for some rigorous cleaning. Wash the water tanks, check for molds, and pests. Check every corner of it and as a precautionary measure spay the pesticide. 

If you clean the caravan after every use, the chances of it getting infected are less. 

A day with the mechanic

There can never be a situation calling for an emergency road trip. So, plan a day or two with a trusted mechanic and make sure that everything is perfect during the few days of the road trip.

You might be a veteran and well equipped in handling vehicles, but where’s the harm in getting it checked by a third pair of eyes, whose job is to deal with cars? 

Get the wheels, the fluids, the tires, the caravan power inlet, the body, and every possible thing checked. Also, if you are not confident on your own, of the water system, and electricity, let the mechanic take a look at those too. 

It’s very crucial to go to a mechanic who has experience of maintaining caravans and is well aware of your model. Each model has different specifications, so without previous experience, he might miss out on something vital.

Planning in advance

Plan out every minute detail well in advance; in fact, allot a specific day for planning. 

The first phase of planning includes a list of tasks that need to be completed before you off, and it undoubtedly consists of the ones mentioned above. Put all the heads together and prepare a list of items required in the caravan. Prepare a shopping list, primarily for toiletries and groceries. 

Plan your finances and spend on shopping accordingly.

Next phase of planning includes the route map. Discuss with your crew and find out the camping sites for base stops, and the different locations you would like to visit in that area. 

You must keep a GPS device and an updated map accessible and needless to that at least one of your crew members must know to read a map correctly.  

Don’t forget the entertainment

With all the other things in place, now it’s time to pack your entertainment bags. Keep your favorite playlist handy – preferably the music that everyone on the trip enjoys. 

If there are kids onboard, don’t forget to take their favorite toys, books, and papers, and crayons.


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