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5 Reasons to Hire Small Campervan for Your Next Camping Trip! - Intergalactique

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Camping and living in a campervan for weeks is a lifestyle for some people! You actually spend a good amount of your year in your camping vans and enjoy exploring nature and even urban lifestyle while living the nomadic life. This trip is nothing short of an adventure for campers and therefore you make extremely sure that you have got all your needs bundled up together and transferred in your campervan to roam around with you.

But when it comes to the biggest decision that may impact your entire journey, of hiring the type of campervan you’ll need, often you get confused about the same. Because with growing popularity of camping and exploring, the demand of campervans have lead to inventions of lots of campervans with so many unique and novel features. You are bound to get confused in taking your pick. Especially, when it comes to deciding upon the ideal size for it. And when you check the various options to hire campervan in Auckland from UGO rentals, who have various types of campervans fit for your journey with various amenities in it, you find it extremely difficult to fathom as to which size and type of a van you should choose.

Reasons small campervans are best recommended for you for an ideal camping trip!

If you aren’t a big group or would definitely need a bigger campervan for travelling for some other reason, it’s better to opt for the smaller ones. Though there isn’t much difference in the facilities provided in both, but small campervans do make your camping trip better and more convenient. How? Read the following reasons to understand the same!

  • Compact yet efficient —You may be having this assumption that a campervan is a hotel room on the go, and that is why you go for the bigger ones to get the most luxurious hotel room experience! But actually, a campervan is just a car accompanying you in your exploration where you spend time just as much as you relax. You don’t go sleeping and lying in it all day and night long. Your maximum time is spent in cooking, exploring, sightseeing, etc.; and therefore, the big size bed in a campervan isn’t what you really need. For all the rest of the worldly needs, even small campervans work great for you!
  • Easy to drive — Most of the travellers aren’t used to driving larger, heavier vehicles. That is why they are extremely comfortable with a smaller one instead. In fact, just the idea of driving and managing a large campervan intimidates some travellers, and they give up the entire thought of camping due to it. But that’s not what you should be doing when you have got the convenience of even a smaller van for the same.
  • Convenience on all types of roads and ways — As these vehicles are smaller in size, you don’t have to think twice upon taking it to even a busy street. The convenience of parking and exploring even narrow alleys is an added benefit of hiring a small campervan. Apart from it, even some suburban forest areas can be easily explored, as these campervans are easy to manage even on rough roads.
  • Budget friendly — While a larger campervan may give you some extra comfort and added amenities, it also costs you more.  And budget is an important criterion to consider when you are packing for a camping trip. That’s where smaller campervans make it easy for you. They don’t tax you much and is ideal if you are just a couple or solo fuelling your wanderlust. Why to waste so much of space of a larger campervan and pay double when you can suffice perfectly in a smaller one.
  • Compact yet power packed — A small campervan may be comparatively less in space, but as the makers already knew it, they designed it in an awesome way and with compact features that can bring maximum benefits even in a smaller space. In fact, sometimes these are better than the larger ones.

These all points prove the extraordinary convenience and efficiency you get with a small campervan that can also enhance your travel experience to some extent. So, the next time you are planning a camping trip, try the smaller ones and enjoy its various benefits! 


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