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The Storz & Bickel Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer User’s Product Review - Intergalactique

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The Volcano is a top-of-the-range vaporizer. It has a large number of passionate vaporizer enthusiasts and raving fans. My Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer has been my favorite desktop vaporizer for several years. In this post, I will share my experiences with this legendary device.

Let’s get to it…

First Impression of the Volcano Digit

While some people love the Volcano design, others feel it is outdated. It is quite large, although I think it looks great. It is about 1.8kg in weight and occupies quite a bit of space.

This is a desktop vaper that you can use at the end of the working day. From the moment you open the package, the vaporizer is high quality. The vaporizer has a high quality feel and is well-made with great attention to detail.

Volcano Digit vs Volcano Classic

Before I get into my user review, I want to tell you why the Volcano Digit was chosen over the Classic. I chose the Digit because of its ability to regulate temperature.

The Classic has a dial for setting the temperature. While the Digit allows you to adjust the temperature using its digital display.

The Volcano Digit’s temperature range is greater (40degC to 230degC, or 104degF- 446degF), than that of the Volcano Classic (130degC to 230degC, or 266degF- 446degF). The Digit has a large digital display, just like its name.

You can also monitor the temperature and cooldown of the Digit. It’s always up-to-date.

Although the Volcano Digit desktop vape vaporizer is more expensive, I am confident that I made a good decision.

Volcano Vaporization System

Before you get your Volcano, there are two crucial decisions that you need to make. As I said above, you need to decide if you want a Digit, or a Classic. You can also get a Solid Valve Vaporization System or an Easy Valve Vaporization System for your new device.

Despite this, Storz & Bickel recently updated their Vaporization Systems and has made some changes.

Let me explain…

There were two storz and bickel volcano Vaporization Systems available up until November 2016. Solid Valve

Easy Value

Solid Valve was the original Volcano Vaporization System, which was created in 1998. This system has not been modified much since then, but Storz & Bickel introduced a new vaporization system, the Easy Valve.

Read related ststory cloudv electro mini mobile e-nail review (video)major upgrades to the easy valve

  • The filling chamber design is optimized to produce less condensation than the solid chamber.
  • The chamber’s construction is lighter, but it remains strong.
  • The Easy Valve Vaporization Systems is tighter, and vapor loss is less than the Solid Valve.
  • Maintenance-free Valve Balloons and Mouthpieces

Despite all the improvements made with the Easy Valve I decided to keep the Solid Valve. I’m sure you are wondering why.

My main reason was that the Solid Valve system included a solid mouthpiece that you can use while the balloons can be replaced. The Easy Valve system, on the other hand, comes pre-installed balloons with disposable mouthpieces. In other words, the Easy Valve can’t be changed. That was until recently.

It was, however, a major turnoff for me. However, the Easy Valve System now allows balloon change. I switched to this because of the changes that took effect on November 1, 2016.

You will most likely be able to purchase the new Easy Valve system by the time this article is finished. This is no problem as you can also get the replacement balloon option with the Easy Valve. You only have one decision.

Operation of the Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer

This desktop device is very easy to use.

The Volcano Digit desktop vape vaporizer has only four buttons:

  • To turn on or off the unit, press the big red button (HEAT).
  • To operate the air pump, there is another big green button (AIR).
  • For temperature adjustment, there are buttons in the shape of a + or a – triangle.

To turn the vaporizer on, press the “HEAT” button. Then adjust the temperature by using the up or down buttons. The vaporizer will heat up when the orange “control” lamp between the red- and green buttons turns on.

You can change Celsius or Fahrenheit by pressing simultaneously the + and – green buttons.

It takes about 3 minutes to heat up depending on the temperature. It takes me about three minutes to heat mine up at 190 Celsius.

Once it has reached the desired temperature, you can place your filling container on the heating unit. Stretch your balloon tight before you place it on the chamber. While the bag is being filled, place it vertically on top of the unit.

Read also: Story about the Cell Silo 510 Thread Oil Cartridge vaporizer Make sure the balloon is securely in place before allowing the valve open. To turn on the fan, simply press the “AIR” button once it is set.

Volcano vaporizers, both the Classic and Digit, have powerful fans that pump out 12 liters per minute.

You can fill your 40cm balloon in 45 seconds. This is a lot faster than other balloon vaporizers.

After your balloon has filled, remove it from the chamber and attach the mouthpiece. To avoid heating it too much, take the chamber out of the heating unit.

As it can get very hot, ensure you grab the filling chamber cap at its textured grip.

The control light will turn on when the temperature in the chamber drops while you’re using it. This indicates that the unit has started heating up again. You can turn the device off by pressing the red “HEAT” button once you have finished vaporizing. It will automatically shut off after 30 minutes if you forget to turn it on (as happened to me quite often).

The Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer will help you get more out of your herbs

The chamber can be reused for as many as five to six sessions depending on what you are doing:

  • How many herbs you place in your chamber.
  • The quality of your herbs is,
  • How well you grind your herbs. Every Volcano vape vaporizer comes with a shark tooth grinder.
  • What temperature should your vaporizer be set to?

You can use your herbs for multiple vaporizing sessions if you want to get the best out of them. Some vapers prefer to remove the herbs from the filling chamber and grind them again before adding them to the next session.

The Chamber

Both the Classic and Digit chambers can be made from food-grade aluminum. Depending on the Vaporization System used, the filling chambers may vary slightly.

You may not be able get the Easy Valve Vaporization system with the replaceable balloons if you have yet to purchase your Volcano. Both the Easy Valve chamber (the old Solid Valve chamber) and the Easy Valve chamber were large, as you can see from the photos below.

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Solid Valve Filling Chamber

Chamber Reducer and Dosing Capsule

The Easy Valve Vaporization system allows you to reduce the chamber’s size and use the new Storz & Bickel dosing caps with Volcano Digit.

This video explains how it all works.

The Liquid Pad

All Storz & Bickel vaporizers include a liquid pad. The pad is made of a steel wire mesh. It serves two purposes. It can be used to vaporize oils and liquids. It can absorb up to 10 drops of liquid at once. Start with very little liquid for your first attempt. You can then increase the amount of liquid until you achieve the desired flavour. The Volcano also has a large chamber. You can place the liquid pad over your herbs if you want to load more material into it.

The Bag

The balloon bag is made from food grade plastic. It is very rigid. It stands on its own, as you can see. Volcano bags can be a bit noisy when they fill up, but this is in comparison to the VapirRise2.0 or Arizer Extreme Q bags.


The maintenance of the Volcano Digital desktop vaporizer was made easier by the new Vaporization System.

It has a stainless-steel finish that doesn’t require any cleaning. It is easy to check the air filter at its bottom once a month and give it a wipe every so often.

The Vaporization System is what needs to be maintained in order for the Volcano to run at its best.

There was some maintenance required for the Solid Valve system. The screens were cleaned about once per week, as I used the device every day. I took apart the entire device, cleaned it with rubbing alcohol, rinsed it with warm water, and dried it. It took me around 15 minutes each week.

To top it all, I took the valve and mouthpiece apart approximately once per month and gave them a thorough clean.

The Easy Valve has its own mouthpiece so that you don’t have to clean it when you change the balloon. Your frequency of use will determine how often you need to clean the chamber and screens.

The new Easy Valve system does not require you to clean the balloon valve. However, it is much easier than the Solid Valve.

Read related story Herb vaping 101: What are Full-Convection Vaporizers (FVC)?The maintenance cost of the Volcano Digit Desktop Vaporizer with the Easy Valve Vaporization system is extremely low. This is not much compared to other desktop vapers.

Volcano Digit’s Vapor Quality

It is as good and as smooth as it gets. It’s smooth, flavourful and clean. You’d be amazed at how much better the Digit produces than lower-quality portable devices.

It is the vapor quality that really makes this device stand out. Although other devices are very similar to the Volcano’s, I believe it deserves 5 out of 5.

The Volcano’s powerful fan, high-quality materials made from food grade ingredients and technology behind it all work together to produce exceptional vapor quality every single time.

Who’s the Volcano Desktop Vaporizer For?

Volcano is the perfect vape for anyone who wants the best. The Volcano is a home vape so you can enjoy it from wherever you are.

This vaporizer is for you if you are a fan of high-end technology. The Volcano can also provide the best vapor quality for medical purposes. It produces vapor unlike anything you’ve ever seen, making it a top-rated desktop vaporizer.


The Volcano vaporizer is German-made and has incredible reliability. It is made from high-quality, food-grade materials. I find the user experience to be amazing.

One thing I cannot mention is that I sometimes don’t feel like using it and playing with the balloons on my own. Sometimes I prefer to use a portable vape vaporizer. The Volcano Digit desktop vaperizer is a great choice. This vaporizer is the best in the world when it comes high-performance vaporizing.


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