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How to get the most value out of your kitchen renovation - Intergalactique

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It’s easy for people to dream of a high-end renovation with all the beautiful kitchen images flooding Instagram and Pinterest every hour. Experts warn that a kitchen renovation in auckland costing thousands of dollars with high-end finishes and state-of the-art appliances won’t increase the resale price.

Here are the top kitchen remodelers’ tips for getting the best bang for your buck when renovating a kitchen.

Add an island

Although it is a big undertaking, an island can be a useful addition to your home. Shannon Kadwell, lead designer at Anthony Wilder Design/Build, Cabin John, Md., says that an island gives people more space for countertop preparation, storage, and seating.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have to squeeze one in a tight space. You should have at least 36 inches clearance from all sides. 42-48 inches is ideal.

Keep it simple and neutral.

Cabinets typically take up 30 percent of a renovation budget and should last for 20 to 25 years. It’s best to stick with timeless styles like Shaker and universally-appealing colors.

Steven Cooper, the owner of Cooper Pacific Kitchens Los Angeles says that warmer neutrals are more appealing and safer. White kitchens are still very popular but “cabinet palettes have evolved to include a variety of soft taupes. Dark blues, linens, and grays,” says Nadia Subaran, Aidan Design, Silver Spring, Md.

Select the right cabinet grade

There are four types of cabinets: ready-to-assemble, semi-custom and stock. Jim Harris, vice president of BOWA Construction, McLean, Va., says that cabinet sizes can vary and that there are many finishes to choose from.

Custom cabinets can be an investment. They offer what Harris calls “a return of enjoyment”, but not necessarily on investments. Ikea has affordable options and customizable upgrades for renovators with a limited budget.

You could save thousands if you go with an Ikea kitchen. But it all depends on what bells and whistles you choose,” Kim Vargo, a Chicago-based kitchen renovator who is also part of the design team behind Yellow Brick Home. You can make an Ikea kitchen look semi-custom by adding Semi hand made doors to save money. Or, you could go with semi-custom cabinets that aren’t as expensive and still have the same quality.

A fresh coat of paint is a faster and cheaper option if you don’t have the funds for new cabinets.

Change your hardware

It’s easy to update tired-looking cabinets by changing the hardware. Although cabinet knobs and handles can be expensive, there are many options available for as little as $10 to $5 per piece. You don’t need to be trendy because it is so easy to replace if it goes out-of-fashion.

You can choose marble countertops or a more affordable look.

The desire for luxurious Carrara or creamy Calacatta marble countertops is not going away any time soon. Subaran says that every client has at least one photo of marble countertops. Their drawback is that they are more difficult to maintain and have a higher cost. Are you still thinking about spending a lot on natural stone? Stain-Proof from Dry-Treat is a sealer that protects natural stone against staining. It can be used for up to 15 year.

There are also lower-cost options. Quartz, an engineered stone, is a good alternative to marble. It has antimicrobial and stain-resistant properties. Kadwell says that quartz is a nonporous stone, easy to clean and one of the most economical options right now. Another option is porcelain. Cooper says that if you are looking for a quick way to save money and still want the marble look, you can find a realistic-looking porcelain slab for a fraction of its price.

Subway tile is still the most widely used backsplash.

It is a classic choice that remains popular due to its affordability and versatility. You can get it at a low price of $2 per square feet in big box stores. Kadwell says that it can be used in a brick or herringbone pattern or straight stacked for a modern look. This allows you to customize your space at a fraction of the cost. You should consider a more intricate chevron design, as the more complex the pattern will cost you more labor.

Layer lighting

Ambient lighting is important for general illumination as well as task lighting. This will allow you to see what you are doing when you cut celery. Kadwell recommends adding under-cabinet lighting to your kitchen, or putting statement-making lights above the island. She says that light fixtures can give your home a personality boost and can be easily replaced when you sell.

Coordinated appliances

Match your appliance finishes. For example, you can choose to go with all stainless steel or panel-ready models. New appliances can cost anywhere from 10-20% of your overall renovation budget. However, Olsen cautions against going overboard: “If you remodel your kitchen to include state-of the-art appliances, but a future buyer isn’t able to cook, they won’t be willing or able to pay for it.”


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