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Do's & Don'ts: Car Interior Cleaning 101 - Intergalactique

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Car interior cleaning is something that every responsible vehicle owner should prioritise. No one wants to get into a car that smells bad or has visible dirt and grime everywhere. That’s why knowing the do’s and don’ts of car interior cleaning is essential.

Do: Use Appropriate Cleaning Products

Using household cleaners such as bleach or ammonia can be tempting, but these products can damage your car’s upholstery, vinyl, plastics, and dashboard. Instead, look for specialised cleaning products made specifically for vehicles. There are different types of cleaners out there for various surfaces of your car. Check labels carefully and use them accordingly.

Don’t: Neglect Your Floor Mats

Floor mats can trap dirt, sand and other undesirables, which is unpleasant when they accumulate over time. Remember to take them out regularly – shake them off vigorously if they’re rubber mats or give them a good vacuuming if they’re cloth – also, wash them with soap & water occasionally. This will prolong their lifespan and ensure dust & debris do not spread throughout the cabin.

Do: Start From The Top And Work Down

Start with the roof lining, then progress downwards towards the dashboard, seats and carpet. It ensures all dirt falls downward. Cleaning from top-down also helps prevent knocking over anything already cleaned surface!

Don’t: Ignore Your Dashboard

Your dashboard isn’t just valuable because it provides information about the state of your car’s operation; it is also an essential part of the overall aesthetics of the car interior. Dashboards also need routine maintenance. Keep a microfiber towel handy to effectively remove all dust & debris while avoiding being harsh on delicate parts like touchscreens.

Do: Let Carpet Cleaners Sit For A While

Many people make these mistake-apply cleaner onto the carpet surface and immediately wipe it clean. However, most cleaners work better when left undisturbed for some time, giving the cleaner a chance to penetrate & dissolve dirt and debris, and subsequent removal becomes super easy.

Do Not: Forget The Air Vents

Air vents accumulate dust & in extreme cases, even mould, which can cause health problems if not attended to. Use a reasonably soft-bristled brush or commercially available air vent cleaners that spray dosage spouts – either way, clean your car’s air vents regularly, depending on how often you use the A/C system.

Do: Use A Wet Vacuum For Upholstery

Wet vacuums come in handy to remove extreme filth effortlessly from seats (including fabric & leather), door sidings etc. They inject cleaning agents, which are then taken up by the vacuum hose and all the filth dissolved, thus restoring them to their original cleanliness.

Don’t: Wipe Leather With Water Or Soap Directly

Leather is quite vulnerable; using the wrong cleaning products may damage its texture, thin it out, discolour or crack it. Do not dip leather items directly into the water because moisture may permanently ruin the material’s natural gloss. Instead, use pH-neutral conditioners suitable for your specific leather type, thus rejuvenating and preserving it.

Do: Clean Cup Holders And Compartments Frequently

Cupholders in most vehicles are frequently used. To clean, take a cloth and apply some mild soapy solution ensuring all cup holders are soaked well— after that, any excess dirt should be wiped away, allowing them to dry completely.

Car interior cleaning might seem daunting, but it’s not impossible – simply follow these dos and don’ts! Keeping your vehicle clean will extend its lifespan while providing both passengers & driver with comfort. Plus, who does not enjoy being inside an aesthetically pleasing environment?

In conclusion, whether you are getting ready for a road trip or just want to refresh your car’s interior, clean it and take care of it regularly. Remember using appropriate products and techniques is equally essential since wrong decisions can cause disrepair and extra costs & ultimately, nobody wants that!


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