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48 HOURS IN YORK - Intergalactique

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Begin your day on Fossgate in one of the numerous cafes, including Fossgate’s Hairy Fig and the Kiosk Cafe, indulging in exceptional coffee and an indulgence of a delicious pastry as a side. From there, you can head into the city to visit the Shambles Shambles, one of the most preserved medieval streets around the globe. Keep your eyes on the road as 15th and 14th-century structures loom over the city.

“Shambles” is derived from Old English, meaning “meat market,” precisely what the old street was. However, the most famous feature is the source of inspiration for the setting in Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter films.

It’s a small street; however, exploring its shops and alleyways could take some time.


Fuel up at Ye Olde Pie and Sausage Shoppe, and visit York Minster. For the most stunning views of the Minster, go there through Stonegate, and it will be visible through a narrow alleyway dubbed Minster Gates (where the old cathedral gates were once). The Minster is an ideal location for photos.

It is possible to visit York Minster (tickets cost PS12.50) and ascend its 275 steps up to the top for stunning panoramas of York.

Go around the corner for an afternoon drink at the Guy Fawkes Inn. This quaint Georgian House was once the residence of the notorious Rebel Guy Fawkes 400 years ago. You can choose to relax inside the warm interior or near the murals in the charming garden of the pub.

York Minster via Minster Gates. Photo by Joshua Symons


Return to the city to discover more of what York offers at night. Stonegate is one of York’s major streets for shopping that is lined by displays of windows, pubs, and bars for those who want to have a drink.

House of Trembling Madness is a diverse medieval-style bar that serves a variety of niche Belgian beers, many of which are available to take home. If you want a traditional pub visit, visit the Ye Olde Starre Inne, the oldest licensed pub in the city (established in 1644), and the haunted Punch Bowl.

To splurge for dinner, Enjoy an evening meal at Close Forest, One of the most beautiful restaurants outside and inside. The rustic decor is complemented by a simple menu that includes British classics and European food items.

If you’re looking for a drink to end the night, go across the street for Bora Bora, where you can enjoy an enthralling cocktail or two. To have a more tranquil end to your evening, the nearby Pivni serves up artisanal beers inside a half-timbered townhouse dating to the 16th century.



Begin your day with a visit to the York Cocoa House, enjoy the most luxurious hot chocolate you can take home, and then stroll along the South Esplanade.

The cobblestone section runs through to the River Ouse, –a popular place for rowers and people-watching. Near the beginning of the road, there is an attractive blue bridge, which you can cross to take an alternative route back to the city’s center.

It’s a short distance to Clifford’s Tower, a castle from the 13th century and a former prison built on a sloping, grassy mound that dominates the region.

An excellent activity for youngsters (or those interested in Vikings generally) close to Jorvik Viking Centre offers an interactive museum that focuses on Viking settlements discovered during the 70s. Go on the monorail to see the old city of 9th century Jorvik (Viking to mean “York”).


For lunch, the Shambles Kitchen is an ideal stop before your activities in the afternoon. The charming hole-in-the-wall restaurant serves a wide range of tasty, delicious sandwiches for a reasonable cost. It’s also a great excuse to visit the Shambles and look inside the shop That Cannot be named.

It’s now time to walk along through York’s Walls. From the Shambles, stroll along Stonegate and Peasholme Green, and then begin with the City Wall Walk from Jewbury. From here, you’ll be able to travel north from the city and have stunning panoramas of the Minster amid the trees, gothic architecture, and greens in the town. Remember to have your camera!

Then you’ll descend the narrow staircase and return to the town in the Bootham Bar (‘bar” is an Bar is an old English meaning Gate’).

Hospitium in York Museum Gardens. Photo by Joshua Symons


In the evening, After dinner, you can explore the York Museum Gardens close to Bootham Bar. The gardens are a treasure trove of beautiful paths and archeological treasures, such as Roman Ruins.

Another treasure to be discovered is another prize is the Hospitium, situated down an idyllic winding road, built in the 1300s. It is currently a listed structure; it was initially a guesthouse for visitors close to St Mary’s Abbey.

Enjoy your weekend at Speakcheesy, a hidden wine bar in their cheese store Love Cheese. Design your cheese board and charcuterie with their assortment of local products, and then relax throughout the night in their beautiful garden. They also serve authentic pizzas!


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